12 Best Hostels in Siem Reap: For travelers on a budget (2023)

If you're looking for the best hostels in Siem Reap, you've come to the right place! I've compared price, facilities, amenities and location - so find out the best backpackers for all types of travelers in this ultimate guide and have them the perfect stay!

I love Siem Reap, it's one of my favorite cities in the world and I've traveled there quite a few times. I mean you have the incredible Archaeological Park of Angkor, incredible foodie options and many markets to explore. Siem Reap is a popular spot for digital nomads thanks to its affordable living and beautiful cafes. However, you will also find many other travelers stopping by while exploring the rest ofCambodiaor Southeast Asia. It's the perfect mix of chill town and busy city.

I mean what is the best place, where is the best social atmosphere and how do I know if the beds are really comfortable? There are many different things to consider when deciding which are the best hostels in Siem Reap.

Finding a good place to rest your head is important when traveling. Whether you want to party all night or want a quiet spot, I'll tell you exactly where to stay in Siem Reap.

If you are looking for accommodation now, you will soon realize how many options you have when booking. Honestly, trying to figure out what's best for you and reading through all the reviews can be a bit overwhelming.

That's why I created this guide about the best hostels in Siem Reap!

This list will help you see what to look out for when booking a hostel in Siem Reap! Make sure you can safely book a bed in a decent location and at a good price.

List of the best hostels in Siem Reap

How to book cheap transportation in Cambodia:12Go to Asia

How to choose the best hostels in Siem Reap

There is a huge variety of hostels to choose from when in Siem Reap. Honestly some people may say that there are too many hostel options as it can be difficult to make a decision on which one is best for you. As I get older and maybe wiser I'm starting to develop a glampacker style of travel and there are plenty of bougie hostels in Siem Reap that cater to that. Sure, you can't go wrong with the old-school wooden style bunk beds. Although there are plenty of affordable and modern hostels here, honestly there's no reason to stay anywhere below average.

Nonetheless, there are cheaper options that offer a great social atmosphere, comfortable beds, and clean bathrooms. So you don't have to worry too much and you don't have to look far either.

So, when choosing the best hostels in Siem Reap, I took a few things into account:


It's super affordable to stay in a hostel in Siem Reap and basically all of Southeast Asia. If you are just looking for a simple place to lay your head, prices can be as low as $5.00. However, if you increase your budget a bit, you'll be able to find a comfortable bed in a hostel with a great social atmosphere and amenities.

So I recommend budgeting $8.00 per night for a hostel in Siem Reap. This allows you to stay somewhere decent, maybe even with a pool! However, if you are looking for a private room, you will need to increase your budget to around $20.00 per night. However, if you have a friend to share a double room with, it's only marginally cheaper than the average hostel in Siem Reap.


If you are traveling in Siem Reap, you should stay in the city center. If you are honestly looking at a map it can be difficult to say exactly where to stay as the accommodation options can be quite widespread. I mean a lot of the 5 star resorts are pretty far out of the central area. However, as a backpacker you want to stay close to town, close to many affordable markets and foodie options.

Personally, I judge an accommodation based on its proximity to the Alter Markt. This is just a few minutes from the ever-popular Pub Street, where you'll find the infamous 50 cent beers and backpackers partying into the wee hours.

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12 Best Hostels in Siem Reap: For travelers on a budget (1)


There is such a wide range of hostels in Siem Reap that it will be difficult to find one that doesn't meet all your criteria. You can save a little more every day by booking a hostel with free breakfast and water. Some hostels even include free coffee and tea!

Quite a few of the hostels on this list organize events and have a great social scene. Perfect if you want to meet other travellers! One thing to keep in mind is that cheaper hostel dorms often don't have air conditioning. Rather they will have a fan, I have stayed in both during my travels in Southeast Asia. Although I will only recommend air conditioning for Siem Reap as the heat here takes it to the next level.

The last thing I think is important is that some hostels turn off the air conditioning during the day. I think this forces you to get out and explore, although I'll leave it up to you whether you book one of these hostels.

12 Best Hostels in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Overall the best hostel in Siem Reap–Onederz Hostel Siem Reap

The award for the best hostel in Siem Reap undoubtedly goes to Onederz Hostel. This is a traveller's favorite in a prime location just a 5 minute walk from the infamous Pub Street. They have two incredible swimming pools where you can meet lots of other travelers and cool off after a hard day of temple hopping. There is an on-site restaurant where you can treat yourself to a delicious meal. They also get a DJ twice a week and throw a party (don't worry, it's not every night).

Rooms are modern, clean, and bright. They have personal reading lights, power outlets, and even a place to dry towels. The attached bathrooms are modern and stocked with shampoo, conditioner and soap.

    • $$
    • 2 swimming pools
    • tour desk
    • Free towels
    • 400 meters from the pub street


12 Best Hostels in Siem Reap: For travelers on a budget (2)

Honorable Mention Best Hostel in Siem Reap –Or D Hostel Siem Reap

Our runner-up or honorable mention for Best Hostel in Siem Reap is Lub D Hostel. You are in my personal favorite area of ​​Siem Reap, just across the river in a slightly quieter part of town. Nevertheless, it is only a 5-minute walk until you are back in the middle of the action.

This is one of the largest hostels in Siem Reap. But don't let that put you off, they have so much to offer including an incredible swimming pool with a swim up bar, play area and an overall fantastic design. There is an onsite coffee shop called The PumpHouse that serves breakfast and delicious barista coffee throughout the day.

You have a choice of private and dorm rooms. However, a standout feature in their dorms is a separate changing and luggage area. That means you don't have to be woken up early by people getting up to watch the sunriseAngkor Wat. They are pod style beds with curtains for privacy. You will also find a reading lamp, power sockets and USB ports. The shared bathrooms even have hair straighteners and hair dryers - how great!

    • $$$
    • Dining on site
    • Swimming pool
    • Games area with slot machines and pool tables
    • 600 meters from the pub street


12 Best Hostels in Siem Reap: For travelers on a budget (3)

Best Hostel in Siem Reap for Solo Travelers –Mad Monkey Hostel Siem Reap

No doubt if you're already at itCambodiaor Southeast Asia you would have heard of Mad Monkey Hostels. They have a choice of locations and are popular with many travelers. Although their location in Siem Reap is just a 10-minute walk from Pub Street, you are still surrounded by plenty of dining options and hotels.

Their dorms have metal bunks, although they're a next notch up from when you were a kid. Underneath are lockers, as well as a personal reading light and socket by the bed. On-site you'll find a decent-sized pool with plenty of loungers to relax on.

However, what hundreds and thousands of backpackers have stayed here for is the atmosphere. Thanks to the parties and events that are hosted, it's super easy to meet other travellers. Be sure to join their pub crawl if you're staying here!

  • $$
  • Swimming pool
  • Kneipentour
  • 850 meters from the pub street


12 Best Hostels in Siem Reap: For travelers on a budget (4)

Siem Reap Pub-Herberge

Siem Reap Pub Hostel is an excellent choice for solo travelers. They regularly host events that create an excellent social atmosphere. There is an on-site bar that serves beer, wine, and cocktails at affordable prices. They also serve delicious Cambodian and Western dishes that will make you drool. Outside the bar is a huge pool where volleyball games are regularly held.


Siem Reap Pub Hostel offers male, female and mixed dormitories to suit all travellers. I will say that the bunk beds are a bit basic, just your standard metal bunk bed. However, you still have a personal reading light and power sockets. However, most people seem to stay here for the social aspect, not the beds. Oh, and they run an amazing temple tour for their guests!

  • $
  • Tour desk and SIM cards for purchase
  • Bicycle and motorbike rental
  • 550 meters from the pub street


12 Best Hostels in Siem Reap: For travelers on a budget (5)

Best cheap hostel in Siem Reap–The Place Hostel & Poolbar

An excellent choice of cheap hostel in Siem Reap is The Place Hostel & Pool Bar. This affordable option is perfect for travelers trying to get the best bang for their buck. There is even a pool which is super important as it gets insanely hot here in Siem Reap! While this isn't a party hostel, it's instead known for its laid-back vibe. Still, you'll meet plenty of travelers at the pool, in the restaurant, or at the bar during happy hour.

The dorms have curtained bunk beds (yes, my favorite) as well as personal reading lights and power outlets. There is also a variety of dorms from 4 beds to the cheapest 8 beds.

  • $
  • tour desk
  • Swimming pool
  • privacy curtain
  • 700 meters from the pub street


12 Best Hostels in Siem Reap: For travelers on a budget (6)

Revolution Hostel Siem Reap

One of the new kids on the block is Revolution Hostel in Siem Reap. So you know everything will be fresh and clean. They managed to create a beautiful little oasis in the middle of the city. There are plenty of chill areas to hang out, whether you want to take a dip in the pool, play a game of pool or have a drink at the bar.

The dorms are clean and modern. You have a personal reading light and power outlet by each bed. You have a choice of 6 or 8-bed dormitories, all of which are air-conditioned.

  • $
  • Free water
  • family atmosphere
  • 800 meters from the pub street


12 Best Hostels in Siem Reap: For travelers on a budget (7)

Best Hostel for Women in Siem Reap–The Twiz lifestyle hostel

Exuding luxury, Twitz Lifestyle Hostel caters to the female backpacker community. The interior and exterior is incredibly beautiful with decor that emphasizes the old colonial style.

It is in an amazing location, giving you the perfect place to be in the middle of all the action. But if you don't feel like going out, you don't have to. There is a restaurant on site that serves delicious and affordable dishes. What more do you want! Sometimes, as a female traveler, you would rather eat out than venture out after dark.

There are no rickety old metal bunk beds here, instead you'll find sturdy pod-style rooms with plenty of storage space. A nice thick mattress, fluffy pillows and a real duvet are what we love. Of course, you also have a personal reading light and a socket.

  • $$$
  • Rooftop pool
  • Female only dormitories
  • Restaurant on site
  • 650 meters from the pub street


How to book cheap transportation in Cambodia:12Go to Asia

12 Best Hostels in Siem Reap: For travelers on a budget (8)

passport hostel

Passport Hostel is another popular hostel in Siem Reap. Nice and close to the center it's easy to walk to some of the best cafes in town. They offer clean, modern and spacious hostel dorms. Female or male dormitories are available, with each bed having its own electrical outlet and personal reading light.

There is a brand new pool on site which offers the perfect place to meet other travellers. Be aware that this is not a party hostel and is usually a place where travelers go for a more relaxed and peaceful stay.

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  • $$$
  • New pool on site
  • Female and male dormitories
  • 550 meters from the pub street


12 Best Hostels in Siem Reap: For travelers on a budget (9)

The best cheap private room in Siem Reap –Tropical Breeze

Maybe you're not keen on dorms, but you still want affordable accommodation in Siem Reap. Well, the perfect option is the Tropical Breeze Guesthouse. They have everything a traveler could want such as a pool, on-site restaurant, and affordable rates.

Sleep well in one of the modern and clean rooms. Just note that the cheaper rooms only have a fan for cooling. Though Siem Reap can get very hot, it might be best to upgrade to an air-conditioned room. You're also in a fantastic location, just a short walk from the Old Market and Pub Street.

  • $
  • Super cheap
  • Clean rooms
  • 550 meters from the pub street


12 Best Hostels in Siem Reap: For travelers on a budget (10)

Side room hotel

If you're looking for a private room that's a bit more luxurious but doesn't cost hundreds of dollars, the Pages Room Hotel is for you. They have an amazing pool on site which is the perfect way to cool off after a day in the hot Cambodian sun. With the banana palms planted in the garden, it creates a tropical holiday atmosphere.

All rooms here are air-conditioned and have a very modern and elegant design. There's plenty of room to spread out in these oversized bedrooms, which also include a desk and mini-fridge. There's also an on-site restaurant if you're hungry and don't want to venture out onto the streets.

  • $$
  • Swimming pool
  • Luxury on a budget
  • 750 meters from the pub street


12 Best Hostels in Siem Reap: For travelers on a budget (11)

More Best Hostels in Siem Reap

Bokre Angkor Hostel

This is certainly more of a glampacker hostel. They have a nice pool area and common room. You will no doubt meet many other travelers here. Note, however, that this is not a party hostel but prides itself on creating a relaxing environment for travelers to unwind. The on-site restaurant serves delicious local and western food and the bar also offers a variety of drinks.

Bokre Angkor Hostel also offers free pick up from airport or bus station! The only downside to this property is that it's a bit further from the others. Luckily, tuk-tuks in Siem Reap are cheap enough that you shouldn't have any trouble getting around.

Dorms have curtains around the beds for privacy, as well as air-conditioning, power outlets, and personal reading lights.

  • $
  • Swimming pool
  • 24/7 reception
  • 1400 meters from the pub street


12 Best Hostels in Siem Reap: For travelers on a budget (12)

Noni Tree Hostel

Our last but definitely not least pick for the best hostels in Siem Reap is Noni Tree Hostel. They have nice and clean dorms with AC.

Although one of the best things about Noni Tree Hostel is its location. You are right in the heart of the action right in the city center. Essentially, Pub Street is on your doorstep, so don't get lost trying to find your way home after a chaotic night. This also gives you easy access to numerous tour operators, activities and delicious restaurants.

  • $$
  • Clean and modern rooms
  • 10 meters from the pub street


12 Best Hostels in Siem Reap: For travelers on a budget (13)

So where to stay in Siem Reap?

Siem Reap is an amazing city that I would recommend to anyone in Cambodia. Without a doubt, it will quickly become one of your favorite spots in Southeast Asia. It's a more relaxed way of life than other major Asian cities and it just has a very different vibe than anywhere else in the country. There are plenty of social businesses in the form of cafes and restaurants that give back to the community so you know your money is going somewhere good.

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Without a doubt, it's a place I could live happily. There is something of everything here, whether you want to celebrate or relax. So with the help of this list of the best hostels inSiem ReapYou will know exactly where to stay.

Do you own or work for a hostel and want to be featured? Let us know at[Email Protected]

How to book cheap transportation in Cambodia:12Go to Asia


12 Best Hostels in Siem Reap: For travelers on a budget (14)

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