Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (2023)

The best aero bikes offer free speed no matter how fast you go. A systematic approach to aerodynamics could be the biggest step in bike design since the invention of the safety bike. They let you go faster with the same effort by reducing drag, today the aero story hardly needs telling, the bikes and the plethora of data-driven claims speak for themselves.

Direct comparisons between competing bikes are not easy as everything from testing standards to test equipment differs from manufacturer to manufacturer - a fact a cynic will say is bent on any manufacturer's will to allow it to claim, " our bike is the fastest”.

Regardless, there's still no doubt that aero bikes are faster overall than their round-tube counterparts.

The best aero bikes of 2022

  1. Trek Madone SLR:Ab £6.850
  2. Cannondale SystemSix:Ab £5.250
  3. Cervelo S5:Ab £9.600
  4. Specialized Tarmac SL7:Ab £5.500
  5. Pinarello Dogma F:Ab 11.000 £
  6. Factor Ostro VAM:£9.450
  7. Giant Propel Advanced SL:12.000 €
  8. 3T Strada due:£10.900
  9. Parlee RZ7:Price on request
  10. Cube Litening C:68X:£4.000
  11. Felt AR Advanced:£5.760
  12. Vitus ZX-1 EVO:£5.400
  13. Argon 18 Nitrogen:£8.500
  14. Canyon Aeroad:Ab 3.400 £
  15. Merida Reaction:Ab 2.550 £
  16. Scott Folie RC:£10.500
  17. Lapierre Aircode DRS:Ab £2.700
  18. BMC Timemachine 01 Road One:£12.100

Read on for a full rundown of these bikes.

What is an aero bike?

Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (1)

Foto: Matthew Loveridge

Aero-Bikes sindracing bikesEngineered to give you extra acceleration through aerodynamic features that streamline the bike's frame. It starts with aero tube profiles.

The first aero bikes like thatCervélo Solisthad teardrop tubes, but now truncated combtail wing shapes - where the tail of the wing is truncated - are the norm. They are lighter and stiffer while still offering the aero benefits of a much longer tube with an aero tail.

The modern trend is to mix lightweight and aero. There are a few bikes here that fit this mold, like thisSpecialized Tarmac SL7and theFactor Ostro VAM, but you will find more of themWhite very specialin our main guide for thebest road bikes.

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Why take our word for it?

Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (2)

Photo: Lizzie Crabb

atcyclist, we constantly test and review a wide range of bikes, from the budget to the most expensive. Our reviewers are riders like you who care about the whole experience of bike ownership, not just the numbers.

So here is the pick of the freshest, fastest and most stylish aero bikes on the market.

Products appearing in cyclist buying guides are independently selected by our editorial team. Cyclists can earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through a merchant link. Read ourscheck the guidelines here.

1. Trek Madone SLR

  • Ab £6.850
  • New aerodynamics around the seat tube
  • Claimed 20 watts of aero gains over the previous model

The seventh generation of the Trek Madone SLR has received a radical update, forgoing IsoSpeed ​​found on the previous generationMadone SLR9, in favor of IsoFlow, which has a giant hole in the seat tube with the saddle cantilevered over the rear of the bike.

It's a design that Trek says shaves about 10 watts over the previous model, while there's a similar saving in the new cockpit with its flared bars. The previous Madone was fast, so we're expecting fireworks with our test of the new bike.

  • Read oursGen 7 Trek Madone SLRstart story

2. Cannondale-SystemSix

Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (3)

(Video) Cycling's speed secrets

  • Ab £5.250
  • Aggressive Aero-Optik
  • Fast on climbs, not just on the flat

Lange Zeit vernachlässigte Cannondale den Aero-spezifischen Markt, weil sein SuperSix Evo-Rennrad so gut war. Im Jahr 2018 machte die US-Marke jedoch genügend Fortschritte in der Welt der Geschwindigkeit und veröffentlichte das SystemSix.

It was a bike with bold claims. At 48km/h it claims to save 50W over a non-aero equivalent, while its combination of aerodynamics and weight makes it faster than any climbing bike on climbs of up to 6%.

Its aggressive looks are backed up with serious speed on the flat and even uphill, despite the 8.5kg weight of the Ultegra kit.

  • Read oursCannondale SystemSix Review

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3. Cervelo S5

Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (4)

  • Ab £9.600
  • New tube shapes to increase the aero quotient
  • Space for 34mm tires

Cervélo is no stranger to speed and the Cervélo S5 continues the brand's aero lineage, with the latest model competing in and replacing the 2022 Tour de France with the all-conquering Jumbo Visma teamCervelo S5which we have already checked.

It has long been hailed as one of the fastest bikes out there, a fact that isn't detracted from by its showing up below Wout, Jonas and co.

The new S5 has improved tube profiles, a very narrow head tube and split stem design inherited from the old bike, and room for 34mm tires.

  • Read oursCervelo S5 2022 first look

4. Specialized Tarmac SL7

Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (5)

(Video) 10 Best Road Race Bikes 2022: Speed Is Everything!

  • Ab £5.500
  • Convenient, light, fast
  • Now compatible with tubeless tires

Another aero bike with an impressive WorldTour Palmarès, the Tarmac SL7 combines aero with lightweight, with the S-Works spec we tested coming in at exactly 6.8kg. It's rigid, agile and responsive.

As with many newer bikes, there's ample clearance - up to 32mm tires can be fitted - although there's enough comfort for all day riding on the fitted 26s if the racy stance suits you. The latest generation of Roval CLX Rapide wheels has also been tubeless since our test.

  • Read oursSpecialized Tarmac SL7 Test

5. Pinarello-Dogma F

Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (6)

  • Ab 11.000 £
  • Bike weight with disc brakes up to 7.0 kg
  • Disc and rim brake options

With Chris Froome on board, the Pinarello Dogma F8 won a braceTour de Francevictories. Geraint Thomas snapped one aboard the F10. While the F12 got their first Tour win under Egan Bernal.

Since then, Pinarello has decided not to increase the numbers any further. The latest Pinarello Dogma is now known only as Dogma F. The definitive item, as revealed by the god of cycling Fausto, is still available with traditional rim brakes.

Indeed evenIneos has now switchedto the smoother looking disc version, as the F's weight is closer to the UCI limit than its predecessors.

  • Read oursPinarello Dogma F im Test

6. Factor Ostro VAM

Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (7)

  • £9.450
  • Excellent handling uphill and downhill
  • Combines lightweight with aero

Part of the aero/lightweight bike crew, the Ostro VAM is one of the best all-around road bikes out there, with our test bike weighing just 7.2kg.

It shares its geometry with theVAT O2 factorClimbing bike and combines frame stiffness with a comfortable ride - something that is difficult to achieve.

That's the case with 25mm tires, but there's room for 32mm tires. Its low weight ensures fast climbs and handling on descents is also excellent.

  • Read oursFactor Ostro VAM review

7. Giant PropelAdvanced SL

Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (8)

  • 12.000 €
  • Rear-end compliance, but with a stiff head tube
  • Easy adjustment to handlebars and sufficient saddle height range

The latest Giant Propel is less aggressively aerodynamic as the tubing around the rear triangle is thinner for a more forgiving ride while maintaining front end stiffness. Giant says the frame is also about 225g lighter and our test bike with top-of-the-line Cadex wheels weighed just 6.9kg.

The new internal wiring system is easier to work with, and while Giant has retained the seatmast, there is 45mm of height adjustment. This is a bikefeels exceptionally fast on any terrain.

  • Read oursGiant Propel Advanced SL 0 rating

8. 3T Strada due

Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (9)

  • £10.900
  • Double chainring version of the Strada
  • Fast and aero, if a bit heavy

While the original Strada was designed for single ring groupsets, the Strada Due comes with a derailleur hanger, shown here with a Super Record derailleur. The Strada is way ahead of its time and designed for tires up to 30 mm. Today, however, the externally wired cockpit is uncommon.

On those wide tires the ride is smooth but also fast and we got some good averages. However, at 7.8kg, the Strada Due is a bit heavy for a modern aero bike at its price point.

  • Read ours3T Strada Due review

9. Parlee RZ7

Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (10)

(Video) Top 8 Best Aero Bikes For 2023 | 8 Awesome Aero Bikes For Any Racer
  • £6,900 as tested, current price on request
  • Fully integrated monocoque frame from a manufacturer known for customs
  • Disc brake fairings provide additional aerodynamics

The RZ7's tubes have a distinctive curved edge on their trailing edge, the advantages of which are not only aerodynamic in nature. Instead, their design has allowed Parlee to save weight and also increase tube stiffness.

With faired discs, the RZ7 is as fast as it looks. However, this never translates into a hard ride. When we took it out for a spin, it proved extremely capable on broken surfaces – something that was further enhanced by its ability to fit tires up to 32mm. All in all it's a very modern and very fast aero bike.

  • Read oursParlee RZ7 review

10. Cube Litening C:68X Pro

  • £4.000
  • Quality frame shared with higher end bikes
  • The slightly chattering ride could be improved by switching to 28mm tires

Das Litening C:68XAero, which we tested, sits alongside the newer, lighter Litening C:68XLuft. Cube claims the latter can weigh as little as 6.6kg, while the Aero we tested is 7.9kg for a size 58. The product of 100 hours of wind tunnel testing, it rides as fast and stiff as it looks.

The high quality frame uses spread tow carbon fiber to keep the weight down. We were impressed with the compliance on offer, which made for a more comfortable ride on the 25mm tires than might be expected based on the aggressive looks. There's also room to increase that to 28mm.

  • Read oursCube Litening C:68X Pro im Test

11. Felt Advanced AR

Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (11)

  • £5.760
  • Very aerodynamic but handles crosswinds well
  • On the heavy side at 8.5 kg

With five years of research and development, the Felt AR Advanced has the wind tunnel numbers to prove its slip resistance, and that's confirmed in its speed off the blocks. The tall and narrow frame cuts through the air effectively.

It's surprisingly comfortable thanks to design features like the rubber cushioning around the seat post. But the felt is rather heavy at 8.5 kg, which we felt in our tests.

  • Read oursFelt AR Advanced Review

12. Vitus ZX-1 EVO

Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (12)

  • £5.400
  • The stiff front end transmits some vibration to the bars
  • Quick reminder on departures

Vitus has improved the aerodynamic properties of their ZX-1 so that they can compete with much more expensive bikes with an integrated cockpit, a tapered head tube and deep wheels. However, this clunkiness translates into quite a bit of street noise leading to the bars.

The geometry, with its long front center and short chainstays, results in a slightly whimsical low-speed ride, but with plenty of stability at speed. At 8.1 kg, it's not the lightest aero bike, but it's also significantly cheaper than most.

  • Read oursVitus ZX-1 EVO im Test

13. Argon 18 Nitrogen

Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (13)

  • £8.500
  • Stiff frame, although not quite as comfortable as some
  • Very precise tracking through curves

Balance is the name of the game for Argon 18's Nitrogen - it takes comfort cues from the Canadian brand's Gallium Pro and blends them with aero profiles inspired by its custom TT frameset.

Having previously sponsored Astana, Argon 18 has since retired from the WorldTour peloton. However, continuous involvement with multiple national teams means his bikes still regularly compete at the highest level, especially on the circuit.

  • Read oursArgon 18 Nitrogen Disc im Test

14. Canyon Aeroad CFR

Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (14)

  • Ab 3.400 £
  • Now lighter and more aerodynamic
  • Poles can be dismantled for easier transport

The German online powerhouse has been successfully turning bikes into Grand Tour and Monument successes for more than a decade, and the latest Aeroad CFR shows no signs of slowing down.

The handling is classy, ​​offers safe tracking through tight corners and thanks to the NowStrictT-shaped handlebar/stem combo, revised truncated tube profiles and wheel-enclosing down tube, it's one of the fastest bikes on the market. It's also convenient as the ends of the poles are detachable for travel.

(Video) Aero Frame Or Aero Wheels | Which Makes You Faster?

  • Read oursCanyon Aeroad CFR-Test

15. Merida Reaction

Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (15)

  • Ab 2.550 £
  • The elastomer insert provides additional compliance
  • Fast and reactive

Together, Merida and Giant produce 80% of the world's bike frames, so Merida should know a thing or two about what makes a good bike, or in this case, a fast one.

The latest Reacto model improves aerodynamics and lowers weight while adding features like an elastomer insert in the seatpost with built-in blinkie to increase compliance.

In addition to the Team E at the pro level, we also tested the cheaper oneMerida Reacto 4000, with a similar frame geometry but cheaper carbon and finishing kit.

  • Read oursMerida Reacto Team E im Test

16. Scott Folie RC

Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (16)

  • £10.500
  • Improved aerodynamics over the previous foil
  • Supposedly lighter and more comfortable

The latest bike replaces the older modelScott Foliewhich has been around since 2015 and has been ridden to numerous victories, most famously being the first aero bike to win Paris-Roubaix.

The new bike takes design cues from the Scott Plasma time trial bike, with the rear wheel aggressively cut into the back of the seat tube and frame profiles utilizing the latest UCI rule updates.

Scott has reduced the bike's weight and also updated the aerodynamics, and there's a new, more aerodynamic handlebar/stem from in-house component brand Syncros.

As with the Merida Reacto, there is a cutout in the rear of the seatpost to increase sag and make room for a tail light.

  • Read oursScott Foil RC Startstück

17. Lapierre Aircode DRS

Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (17)

  • Ab £2.700
  • Aggressive Fahrposition
  • The stiffer front end is offset by a more compliant rear end

The Aircode DRS looks a little less clunky than many aero bikes and lacks the usual features like dropped seatstays. The riding position is aggressive, which puts you in a more aerodynamic position, which helps save watts more effectively than the most sophisticated aero gizmos and results in good weight distribution on fast descents.

However, that means you have more weight on your shoulders. The front of the bike is also stiff, which transmits some chatter and makes for a less comfortable ride than some alternatives. The rear of the bike is more compliant, however. Lapierre uses high-quality wheels from DT Swiss, so an upgrade is hardly necessary.

  • Read oursLapierre Aircode DRS review

18. BMC Timemachine 01 Road One

Best aero bikes of 2022: Ride faster for less effort (18)

  • £8.500
  • Down tube aero module saves between 3 and 18 watts
  • Some flex in the cockpit

When a bike straddles the time trial and road categories, it's fair to say it's fast, and as a reconfigured version of the Timemachine Rohan Dennis a fast - but short -hour recordTitle that only strengthened the credentials of BMC's aero road machine.

The front end assembly integrates like a transformer, while the rear end places the stays as low on the seat tube as UCI rules allow, a design almost ubiquitous on the aero board.

  • Read oursBMC Timemachine review

Lighter than Aero? With many bikes in our selection, you can have bothbest road bikes.


Will an aero bike make me faster? ›

If you get more aero, then you've effectively become faster. You've probably heard this before: wind resistance is the main force cyclists have to fight against. This means that improving aerodynamic efficiency gives you an unquestionable speed advantage.

At what speed do aero bikes make a difference? ›

"At speeds near 30 mph, 90 percent of your power goes into overcoming air resistance." At 10 mph, half of your power is going to overcome air resistance, Barry says. “The slower you go, the more time aerodynamics will help you save, because you're spending more total time on the road.

Which bike has best aerodynamics? ›

The Specialized S-Works SL7 and Pinarello Dogma F are just two examples of aero-influenced all-rounders. However, aero road bikes are the fastest option out there in the majority of circumstances and you don't have to be a pro to benefit, especially if you're a rider who places a lot of significance on riding fast.

Which aero helmet is fastest? ›

Lazer Vento KinetiCore helmet

This is a helmet that's designed to be fastest in a sprint position with a head angle of 15° angle, as this is where an aero helmet is likely to make the most difference for most road riders this is a theory we can get behind!

Why don t pro cyclists use aero bars? ›

Aerobars can be considered less safe for a few reasons: mostly because your hands are not on the brakes while riding in the aerobars. It also takes more practice and skill to maintain a straight line in the aerobars (especially in cross winds) due to how close your arms are together.

Why don t pros ride aero bikes? ›

Originally Answered: Why don t pro cyclists use aero bars? They do, but generally only on time trial bikes. Aero bars force the rider into a very laid-out position, which, while aerodynamic, is uncomfortable, and less powerful than a normal on-the-hoods or even in-the-drops position.

At what speed do Aero wheels help? ›

Aero Wheels “Smooth” the Air Flow

They create less drag turbulence. Ideal aero wheels get better at this as they spin faster. Most manufacturers will tell you that the aero properties do not really come into play until a certain speed threshold has been passed — typically at the very least 20 mph (32 kph).

How much faster can you go with aero bars? ›

After installing aero bars, riders typically find that they're going 1 to 2 mph faster at the same level of effort. Over a distance and time, this equates to about 1min 40s per 40km faster than without aero bars.

Which aero upgrades get you the most for your money? ›

Aero Upgrade: Aero Helmet

An aero helmet is one of the really good value upgrades you can make, getting you the most bang for your buck.

Who is the king of mileage bike? ›

The most popular Top Mileage Bikes include TVS Star City Plus (83 kmpl), TVS XL100 (80 kmpl) and TVS Radeon (73 kmpl). The top manufacturers that produce best mileage bikes are TVS, Yamaha, Hero, Bajaj, Honda.

Which bike is better than Apache? ›

On the other hand, the power and torque of Pulsar 150 stand at 14 PS and 13.25 Nm respectively. whereas the Bajaj Pulsar 150 comes in 9 colours. Out of 957 user reviews, Pulsar 150 scores 4.4 whereas the TVS Apache RTR 160 tallies 4.6 out of 5 based on 794 user reviews.

Which bike is the king of bikes? ›

Harley-Davidson re-introduced the Road King motorcycle in the Indian market and the bike becomes one of the two bikes under Harley's touring range.

How much faster are Aero helmets? ›

Smith, for example, says that its Overtake helmet will save you about 25 seconds compared to a non-aero Giro Aeon over 40km (25 miles) at 40km/h (25mph) (Smith presumably means that a rider wearing the Giro Aeon would be going slightly slower than 40km/h at the same power output as an identical rider in an Overtake ...

Can you ride long distances on a Aero Bike? ›

I've done 150-250km rides on an aero bike, race bike, and a gravel bike (endurance geo), and was perfectly comfortable on all of them. Theoretically, you should be able to go faster on the aero bike, thereby spending less time on the bike, which should result in less discomfort, or at least for a shorter duration.

Are Aero bars good for long rides? ›

Aero bars offer an entirely new riding position that's most beneficial for long days in the saddle. With your elbows and humerus (arm bone) supporting the majority of your upper body weight, you'll reduce strain on your arms, wrists and hands.

Are aero bars good for long distance? ›

Using clip-on aerobars is highly recommend for long-distance comfort and aerodynamics (see below). These are designed to mount on a section of round bar with a diameter of 31.8 mm.

Is aero position uncomfortable? ›

The aero position requires different muscle memory. Many feel pain in the neck. This discomfort does not mean that your position is wrong, but that you'll need to take time to adapt to it — it's a progressive practice.

Do Tour de France riders use aero bikes? ›

The Hottest Aero Bikes of the Tour de France - Specialized, Canyon, Pinarello & Cervelo. The Tour de France is a great place to see the fastest road bikes being ridden by the best riders in the world.

Is Aero more important than weight? ›

For hobby riders, the average gradient where weight is more important than aero is 4.5% or more [see above]. For pro riders who have a higher speed, it is around 7.5%. Once you are doing more than 15km/h (9.3mph), the aerodynamic drag is the biggest resistance for the rider.

Are wider wheels more aero? ›

The wider tire may also increase the aero drag of the rim-tire combination.

Is it worth getting aero wheels? ›

ANSWER: If you're hoping to go faster with an equipment upgrade, improving your aerodynamics is one of the best ways. So if you want to make an existing bike faster, installing aero wheels can make a big difference and save you a lot of watts.

Are Aero bars allowed in Ironman? ›

Riding an Ironman with an aerobar is not only more efficient, but the position is optimized for aerodynamics and prepares you for the run portion of the triathlon. For riders who are used to riding with drop bars and clip-on systems however, it is not always easy to make the transition to a full aero position.

At what speed does aerodynamics matter? ›

Aerodynamics start to have a more noticeable affect on a vehicle at around 50 mph. If you're traveling slower than 50 mph, the weight of the aerodynamic devices are probably more of a penalty than any perceived gain in performance.

How much faster are Aero socks? ›

According to the results, Sockeloen's Ribbel (which means 'ridged') socks require 4.2W less power to maintain a speed of 40km/h (25mph) when compared to the slowest aero socks tested. We reckon that equates to a time saving of about 9 seconds over a 10-mile time trial.

How many watts does a skin suit save? ›

All skinsuits are basically faster than even the best bib shorts and best jerseys simply because there's less material flapping around in the wind. This difference is often small but usually upward of 5W.

How many watts does an aero bike frame save? ›

The launch of the new OSPW Aero from Ceramicspeed, offering a saving of around three watts at an eye watering cost of €739 got us thinking: What's the most cost-effective way to make your setup more efficient on a watts per pound (£, not lb) basis.

How many watts do shoe covers save? ›

Speed-suits save 20 watts; helmets five to 10 watts; while shoe-covers and aero socks save five watts. If you're serious about improving your cycling time and/or triathlon performance, you must train yourself into the most aerodynamic position possible.

What is the current fastest road bike? ›

What is the fastest street bike in the world? The MTT 420-RR is street-legal, allowing it to also claim the fastest street bike in the world title with its top speed of 273 mph (439 km/h).

What is the fastest road bike on the market? ›

2022 BMW S 1000 RR: 192 mph

On top of having tech that would make any rider feel like a pro, the S 1000 RR comes with a 999 cc inline-four that's pumping out 205 horsepower. The standard bike has a wet weight of 434 pounds or 427 pounds with the M Package.

What is Number 1 speed bike? ›

What is the fastest production bike ever? The fastest production bike is either the Kawasaki Ninja H2R or the MTT Turbine Superbike Y2K, the latter of which are custom-made. Both bikes have been reported to reach a top speed of 250 mph.

Which type of cycle is best for long ride? ›

Touring bicycles are another special type of road bike. They are designed to be ridden on pavement, but are more durable for use on self-supported long-distance riding.

Are lighter bikes faster? ›

Lighter bikes are more nimble, climb better, accelerate faster, and simply put, are just more fun to ride. Even a pound or two, especially in critical areas such as the wheels, can make a huge difference in your performance and enjoyment, especially on longer rides.

What is the fastest a bike has been ridden? ›

On land, the speed record registered by a rider on a 200-meter flying start speed trial was 133.28 km/h (82.82 mph) by the Canadian Sam Whittingham riding the Varna Tempest, a streamliner recumbent bicycle in 2009, at Battle Mountain, Nevada.

Which is No 1 bike in the world? ›

Yamaha YZF R1

It has a powerful 197 BHP engine that has a maximum torque of 112 Nm. The power plant is a 998 cc, four cylinder that is held in an aluminium delta box frame chassis. Riders regard the R1 as the best racing bike in the world thanks to its MotoGP heritage and winning streak.

What street bike has the fastest 0 to 60? ›

15/15 2006 Suzuki GSX-R1000 (2.35 Seconds)

It has the fastest record on time for 0-60 mph— just 2.35 seconds. This crazy-fast crotch rocket is powered by a 999 cc inline four-cylinder engine.

What is the fastest 0 to 60 motorcycle? ›

The Suzuki GSX-R 1000 is the fastest bike to ever go from 0-60, achieving the feat within a matter of just 2.35 seconds. It is the greatest motorcycle of the Suzuki company, a huge achievement considering how it is known for producing high-performance motorcycles.

Is it easier to go faster on a road bike? ›

As always, it depends on a lot of things. That includes the bike you're riding. You'll typically go faster on a road bike with drop handlebars and skinny tyres than on a flat-bar hybrid bike with chunky tyres or a mountain bike designed for riding off-road.


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