Border crossing in Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia by motorbike (2023)

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Update post covid


  • Update post covid
  • Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos
  • Travelers must end in Vietnam when using Tigit
  • Vietnam Cambodia borders
  • Vietnam-Laos border crossings
  • Cambodia to Laos or vice versa
  • Maintenance and breakdowns in Cambodia and Laos
  • The XR 150cc is the best bike for all three countries
  • Have motorcycle knowledge and an adventurous attitude
  • Theft, accidents and major breakdowns
  • Crossing borders by motorbike is an amazing thing!

Tigit no longer accepts border crossings on Tigit motorcycles. It is possible to cross post-Covid borders, but note that each border has different paperwork and fee requirements. For Tigit, the risk of a motorcycle getting stuck and not being able to cross the borders back into Vietnam is high. Nonetheless, the following article is informative and helpful for riders who want to try it on their own bikes.

Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

A Vietnamese motorcycle can go to both Cambodia and Laos and return to Vietnam.

A Cambodian or Lao motorcycle (or any motorcycle outside of Vietnam) cannot enter Vietnam.

For a full circuit of Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, a traveler must have a Vietnamese motorbike.

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At Tigit we believe that it is no longer possible to enter Thailand on a Vietnamese motorcycle. We don't know why, it used to be possible!

Travelers must end in Vietnam when using Tigit

It is not possible to send a motorcycle back to Vietnam from Laos or Cambodia. Travelers planning to end in another country can take advantage of our buy and buy back program, where we sell older rental motorcycles at a lower price. The purchase and repurchase agreement follows the same principles to the fullest extentmaintenance guaranteeby Tigit, but allows a traveler to buy an older motorcycle with the idea of ​​reselling it without too much loss on resale.

Vietnam Cambodia borders

From Vietnam to Cambodia, both the Moc Bai border (2 hours from HCM) and the Ha Tien border (near Phu Quoc) are commonly used.
Less well known is the Cửa khẩu Lệ Thanh border with Pleiku. Any major border operates to Cambodia.

There are no difficulties entering and exiting Cambodia. It's a good idea to haveblue cardof the motorcycle, although in our experience no border official has ever asked for it!

Cambodian visas are all “on arrival” and as far as we know the process is very simple.

Vietnam-Laos border crossings

consequentlyArticle from the LaotianTimes, nine of Laos border checkpoints will stop providing visas on arrival for tourists, including Na Meo. Instead, we recommend applying for a Laos visa in Hanoi.

The only continuously functioning border (correct at the time of writing this article) is the Na Mèo border crossing near Hanoi. Tigit customers have also made it through theLao Bao-Grenzenear Hué. However, we do not have a large enough sample size to strongly recommend Lao Bao as a viable frontier.

(Video) Vietnam to Laos Border Crossing by Motorbike | Vietnamese Plates & NO Licence

Taking a motorbike to Laos seems to have sparked controversy and mixed results on internet blogs. Backpackers on Chinese motorcycles are often turned away to Laos, leading to misinformation about the well-known and successful Na Meo border.

Tigit customers have never failed at Na Meo.

Cambodia to Laos or vice versa

There are reports online that this limit can turn travelers away. Tigit customers seem to be successful, but difficulties sometimes arise when they have to pay bribes of up to $100 to get through. There are also reports of an illegal "ferry" nearby taking the motorbikes across the river, allowing the traveler to cross the border by motorbike for free! Tigit customers have reported that this works, but of course we cannot recommend this and take no responsibility for its security. We just know it exists!

One way or another, travelers will pass through this border. In the worst case, a traveler can return to Vietnam and cross another border.

Maintenance and breakdowns in Cambodia and Laos

The Tigit contracts all state that customers must change the oil and service the bikes at genuine Honda Head mechanic shops. Honda Head can also be found in Cambodia and Laos and the service remains professional.

Cambodia in particular has excellent mechanics and breakdowns or problems are usually remedied quickly, professionally and inexpensively. Even the backyard mechanics seem far superior to the Vietnamese when it comes to mechanical skills and stocking up on quality parts!

Laos also has a Honda Head sequel, but not many of them! In Laos, travelers have to resort to backyard mechanics, but as in Cambodia, the mechanics seem skilled and stock quality parts.
Motorbike repairing is no problem in both Cambodia and Laos!

(Video) Crossing into LAOS with Vietnamese Motorbike (Cha Lo Border)🇻🇳🇱🇦

Vietnam suffers from high taxes on imported components, making this thriving market for Chinese junk such asHonda winsMotorcycles. It also creates a Chinese garbage market for spare parts, meaning a high-quality motorcycle can quickly be ruined with inferior spare parts. Tigit likes customers to exchange parts in both Cambodia and Laos and we often encourage this!

Keep receipts and Tigit will refund replacement parts at the end of the trip.

The XR 150cc is the best bike for all three countries

Tigit has disclaimers that the Honda XR 150cc is difficult to repair compared to other models in Vietnam. When it comes to all three countries combined, the Honda XR 150cc becomes the most internationally recognized motorcycle in our inventory and is therefore the easiest to service over long distances and across borders.

Ultimately, parts for the XR 150 will always be found in all three countries.

The XR 150cc is also best suited to varied terrain and Laos in particular can get very mountainous with lots of potholes!

For those on a budget, the Honda Blade Semi Automatic is the best choice. These can also be repaired anywhere, but the Honda Blade never breaks anyway. Statistically, the Honda Blade remains our most reliable bike out there, despite being the cheapest.

Have motorcycle knowledge and an adventurous attitude

The great loop of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos takes about 2.3 to 3 months. It's a long way, and if done right, it's about 10,000 km.

(Video) Crossing Vietnam Border to Cambodia on a Motorbike Vietnamese Plates

Usually a Tigit motorcycle is serviced and checked after each rental. Most “long” rentals are 3 to 4,000 km. A traveler going on a 3 month holiday and 10,000 km of road needs to be aware that wear and tear will occur on components and need to be able to recognize and inspect their own motorcycle.

Tigit is happy to take on the cooperation and reimburse parts that need to be replaced on a trip, provided customers use our support channels to discuss old components and send pictures.

Tigit cannot translate into Cambodia and Laos, and so travelers must fend for themselves when it comes to diagnosing problems and getting the right price. We can help with ideas, possible offers and general support.
Mechanics in Laos and Cambodia seem to be both skilled and honest!

Theft, accidents and major breakdowns

Travelers traveling to both Laos and Cambodia should understand that Tigit has no control outside of Vietnam. We are unable to translate to the police or deal with motorcycle losses and accidents. Within Vietnam we have emergency contacts and a very large nationwide coverage to deal with dire situations.

If bad situations arise outside of Vietnam, it is the responsibility of the traveler to find a way back for the motorbike. If it's not returned to Tigit, we'll consider it lost or stolen and charge a fee accordingly.

Crossing borders by motorbike is an amazing thing!

Traveling across borders is a great feeling and not usually done on a motorbike. With the right time and an adventurous attitude, this tour of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


Vietnam has a nice mix of mountain and coastal roads. Frequently traveled by backpackers, throwing both the famous Hai Van Pass and Ho Chi Minh Strait into the mix. TigitRoutes and maps for Vietnam.

Cambodia is hot, dusty and desert style to drive, the famous temples of Angkor Wat (which can be visited by motorbike) and some extreme off-road tours for the thrill seeker.

Laos is mountainous andtraveloguessuggest that Laos is the most beautiful of the three countries!


Can I take my motorbike from Vietnam to Laos? ›

It's legally possible for any biker to cross the border with their motorbike from Vietnam to Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. All you need is a vehicle registered in Vietnam and the necessary documents to be ready to go.

Can you ride a motorbike from Vietnam to Cambodia? ›

Otherwise known as the “Ha Tien” crossing, this coastal border between Vietnam and Cambodia is open to international tourists. We have met people who took their motorbikes across the border at this checkpoint and had no problems.

Can I bring my motorcycle to Vietnam? ›

Motorbikes will follow the same procedure as cars in terms of import requirements. However, the engine size of the motorbike must be 175 cc or greater. An important thing to consider is that the import duties for a motorbike can easily be more than 100 percent of the motorbike value.

How do you cross the border from Cambodia to Vietnam? ›

If you wish to cross into Vietnam via a land border you must get your visa in advance. We crossed at the Ha Tien border in the South of Cambodia. There are 2 Vietnamese consulates in Cambodia in which to gain your visa in advance, one in Phnom Penh and one in Sihanoukville which we used.

Can you cross the border with a motorcycle? ›

You can easily cross the border on your motorcycle — if you prepare correctly. Read on to learn more about taking a San Ysidro to Tijuana motorcycle crossing trip on your bike.

Can you go cross country on a motorcycle? ›

Riding a motorcycle cross country is a fantastic experience. It's a chance to see the country in a way few people do. Stopping at sunset and leaving just after sunrise lets you take in more sights during your daylight hours. Be sure to only drink alcohol when you're done riding for the day.

Can foreigners ride motorbikes in Cambodia? ›

If you do not have a valid foreign licence you will need to undergo testing to receive a Cambodian licence. A licence is not required to ride a motorcycle with an engine capacity of up to 125cc.

Can I ride a motorbike in Vietnam without a license? ›

Vietnamese driving licences are mandatory for all drivers of motor vehicles as well as for riders of motorcycles with a capacity of over 50cc. Non-Vietnamese citizens are only permitted to drive in Vietnam if they hold a temporary Vietnamese driver's licence.

What do I need to ride a motorbike in Vietnam? ›

Basic rules
  1. You do not need a driver's license for motorbikes under 50 cc.
  2. For motorbike with 50 – 174 cc you need the Vietnamese driving license A1.
  3. For motorbikes above 174 cc – you need the Vietnamese A2 driving license.
  4. When buying or renting a motorbike you must get a blue card from the owner (or at least a copy).

Can I drive in Vietnam with US driver license? ›

Foreign driver licenses, even when accompanied by an international driving permit, are not valid in Vietnam.

Where can I ride a motorcycle in Vietnam? ›

The best motorcycle routes in Vietnam
  • Ha Giang Loop. This is considered to be the best that Vietnam has to offer motorbike tourists. ...
  • Central North Loop. This is an epic adventure that could take anything from 10 to 25 days. ...
  • Hanoi to HCMC (Sai Gon) ...
  • Central Loop (Danang/Hue) ...
  • Ta Xua Loop.

Why do most people in Vietnam use motorcycles? ›

Motorcycles are easily the most ubiquitous type of vehicle in Vietnam. Being more affordable than cars and providing more flexibility than public transport, these two-wheel vehicles have been used as the main form of daily transportation for millions across the country for years.

What is the border gate between Vietnam and Cambodia? ›

Mộc Bài is an international border gate between Vietnam and Cambodia located in Tây Ninh Province, Vietnam. Its counterpart across the border is the Bavet border gate, Svay Rieng Province, Cambodia.

Can I enter Laos from Vietnam? ›

Along Vietnam to Laos has six major land border crossings. In most land border crossings, visa on arrival is available for Vietnamese tourists. Vietnamese tourists from big cities like Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, and Saigon can visit Laos by bus - the cheapest means of transportation.

Can I get Laos visa on arrival? ›

Note that all visitors must hold a passport that is valid for at least six months from the time of entry into Laos. Visas on arrival take just a few minutes to process, cost around $35, and are available to passengers flying into Luang Prabang Airport, Pakse Airport and Wattay Airport in Vientiane.

Can I travel from Vietnam to Laos? ›

Along Vietnam to Laos has six major land border crossings. In most land border crossings, visa on arrival is available for Vietnamese tourists. Vietnamese tourists from big cities like Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, and Saigon can visit Laos by bus - the cheapest means of transportation.

Can you enter Laos from Vietnam? ›

If you have entered Vietnam via the airport with a visa on arrival, you can go to Vietnam across a country border. If you travel to Laos from Vietnam, you need to arrange a visa for Laos. At most border crossings you can get a visa on arrival for Laos.

What documents do I need to take my motorcycle in and out of Laos from Thailand? ›

To enter Laos with a foreign vehicle you will need a passport, visa, temporary import, International Driver's Permit and your vehicle registration document.

Can I bring my motorcycle to Thailand? ›

Temporary Import for foreign motorcycles in Thailand

Now, under new government rules, you must have a guide or permit with you to enter the country with a foreign vehicle.

Can US citizens travel to Laos now? ›

Laos is open to travelers.

How do you cross the border from Laos to Vietnam? ›

To travel between Vietnam and Laos through borders, there are 6 choices for tourists, including Tay Trang( Vietnam)/ Sop Hun (Laos), Nam Xoi/ Na Maew, Nam Khan/ Nam Can, Cau Treo/ Nam Phao, Lao Bao/ Dansavanh, and Ngoc Hoi/ Bo Y.

Does Laos have open borders? ›

Entry and borders

The government of the Lao PDR has announced the reopening of all international borders as of 9 May 2022.


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