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Invading Plants EVERYWHERE

May 2020 Melvinloren

Clean trail but unfortunately both sides of the trail are heavily littered with invasive plants - garlic mustard (now in flower) and Japanese knotweed. Perhaps once the lockdown is over there could be an organized effort to start eradicating all of these plants?

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Great trail

February 2020 dmcguire55

Great wide trail with many trails turning into the forest and swamp. Very well marked with benches and signs along the way.

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May 2019 perezpaulluis

I had some time on Memorial Day before the parade, so I decided to do my first ride of the season. This path is lit !!!!! Great finish, well marked and maintained. No debris in sight. Wild animals jumping out of the forest left and right. Did the whole route in 2 hours. A great trail for a morning ride!

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Great drive from Peabody.

September 2018 leader dmd

My wife and I parked in a large lot at the end of Lowell Street. We drove north about 5-6 miles. This way is great. Beautiful landscape. Good rest areas. Water fountains, Jiffy Johnny's, bike shops along the way. In a park there is a station with attached tools to make repairs.

Highly recommended.

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Flat and dry even after a rain. But not much shade

July 2018 narrow surplus

The Danvers Trail is flat (as recently rolled) and very well maintained. Packed with small ash/gravel, it was already drained and dry less than 24 hours after a rain. South 2 miles many roads cross, although crossings are well marked and cars are courteous enough to stop. Personally, I would skip the southern 2 miles and just keep going up the 'Topsfield Linear' trail instead. Both trails get lots of sun...they're not very shaded so bear that in mind on a hot sunny day. My drive was during the week... very little traffic.

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Very nice trail system!

July 2018 blow52

Combined with the trails from Danvers and Peabody it makes for a nice drive through forests and wetlands. Plenty of parking at the Topsfield end. The trail is well marked and the road crossings all have traffic lights. The slope is almost flat for a one way ride!

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Straight, stone dust surface and well marked

December 2016 cblakework

I walked the Danvers Rail Trail from the Peabody Connector past downtown Danvers. It is in fairly good condition with a stone dust surface and good signage with kilometer markers and maps along the way.

The path runs mainly through industrial or commercial areas. There are crosswalk signals allowing crossing of busy streets and the local police enforce this (they actually stopped someone when I tried to cross and the car didn't stop for me).

It connects at the southern end with a link to the Peabody Rail Trail around the Lowell Street exit of Route 1.

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Choate farm difficult to access

September 2016 paula.gaehring

We love this trail and usually start in Peabody. Due to an injury we decided to start halfway up at Choate Farm which is listed as the access point. It's actually a half mile off the trail over semi-rough terrain - terrible for my injury. It would have been nice if a note had been made that it is not a direct access point.

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Always a pleasure to ride this trail

August 2016 Anonymous

I often ride this trail on my road bike. It is well maintained and has active road crossing signals where appropriate. (The City of Danvers has really teamed up when it comes to safety.)

As you cross Main Street in downtown Danvers, you'll see a handy bike shop, Western Cycles, just off the path.

About a mile away towards Topsfield there is a Port-o-Potty just off the path behind the Danvers Agway which also has tools for working on your bike as well as an air pump - all right next to an open gated play area with Swings for kids young and old. (Another Port-o-Potty is being added closer to downtown Danvers but hasn't opened yet.)
Driving down the path from the Danvers Agway off Hamilton Rd to Topsfield you are immediately immersed in a very pleasant tree lined/shaded railway path that takes you through a very quiet, scenic and large swamp. There is also a branching walkway which is currently being reconstructed/raised as beaver activity has resulted in higher water levels despite the current drought!

This trail takes you into and past downtown Topsfield where there is another bike shop and further down there is another Port-o-Potty.

As I mentioned, the packed gravel trail is well maintained and fun to use.

(Video) Border to Boston Trail -- A Trail that Connects many Communities by Bicycle

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Excellent track

August 2016 sublime

We parked at the Indoor Sports Arena and there was an entrance to the trail at the back.

The trail is stone dust over hardpacked earth, an easy surface for a hybrid bike to navigate. It is very well marked with maps at intervals telling you where you are along the way.

Trail had other users but wasn't overloaded on the last weekend of August on a sunny, windy day.

Didn't get a chance to do the Swamp Walk or visit Choate Farm. I'll save it for next time!

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Great route!

August 2016 sublime

We entered this trail from the Danvers Rail Trail to the south and to be honest I couldn't tell where Danvers ended and Topsfield began, it was so seamless. Maybe it was at the crossroads. Very scenic trail, hard earth with stone dust, removed in places. At the northern end, the trail turns into a hard dirt footpath just wide enough for a bicycle. But the grass is mowed and the trail is still being maintained, so we followed it to the end, near Route 95. The trail has great maps that are spaced showing the trail and where you are on it. I will definitely come again.

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Great alternative to the hiking route!

August 2015 Cornerstones4.2

I took the track to a job interview I had on rt114. I only rode the first few kilometers. It was a great alternative to the dangers of being hit by a car on my bike and it was a straight and more direct route to my destination! I have a mountain bike with narrow slick tires and rode well on the gravel.

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Gets better as you travel north

August 2015 Whpetri

It's a well maintained hardcover trail with helpful mileage markers. If we do the drive again I think we would skip the first 2 miles on the Danvers - the trail surface is good but the scenery is uninteresting and the road crossings are numerous on this section. From mile 2.0 to the Wenham line at mile 4.3 the scenery is beautiful. The onward journey to the Topsfield Linear is seamless and well worth it.

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On the way to Mass Audubon in Ipswich

August 2015 Whpetri

We continued seamlessly on a relatively short portion of the Topsfield Linear after traveling north from Mile 0 of the Danvers Rail Trail en route to the Mass Audubon Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary. Both trails have good gravel and with the exception of a very short ride (0.1km) along busy Route 97 to reach quiet Perkins Row, it was an excellent way to cycle into Audubon. A mile up Perkins Row brings you to the Audubon entrance. If we do the drive again I think we would skip the first 2 miles on the Danvers - the trail surface is good but the scenery is uninteresting and the road crossings are numerous on this section.

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Choate recreation area

July 2015 slides

I drove her about 6 miles from the Residence Inn in Danvers Ma. Jogged the trail for 0.25 miles to the Rail Trail. Signage along the way was excellent. I ran the Railtrail in both directions and did a great tempo run on an excellent surface. Can't wait to come back on my next visit to Ma. run! Friendly runners, hikers and occasional cyclists.

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Hidden Gem

June 2015 josie3977

My husband and I started this trail at Lowell Street Peabody last weekend. The first thing we came across in less than 5 minutes was a baby deer looking straight at us!! Nice. The trail was a bit gravel for about 1/2 mile and then turned into very nicely packed gravel. We loved every minute of it. We stumbled upon the Danvers Wenham Swamp Walk and spent about 45 minutes here before continuing on to Topsfield. After crossing Route 1 we decided to turn around and walk back. The signs were amazingly helpful and nice placement of benches when needed. We are so lucky to have this wonderful place so close to home and easily accessible. This is sure to be a frequent spot for us. I also enjoyed the Peabody Trail a few weeks ago but at 3 miles it was a bit too short for a leisurely couple hour ride.

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Turtles and chipmunks oh my god

September 2014 girl

Great Sunday stroll on our fall stay. Lots of Dunkin Donuts for iced drinks after 3 miles walk. Flat narrow gravel was wide enough in either direction. Lots of family bikers, big and small, polite and friendly!

Park? REALLY? We found 4 spots at the RT 97 junction, just so we shouldered the truck.
Side path to the Grand Canal was not marked! Found when a dog broke loose and ran into the swamp.
Turtles, herons, snakes, chipmunks visible. planes above us.

(Video) Border to Boston Rail Trail Pt 1 Lowell St to Ipswich River - with Swamp Walk Danvers MA. 4k 60fps

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July 2014 dwight62


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great ride

June 2014 dwight62

I have ridden this tril several times starting at Lowell St in Peabody and ending at the Byfield line is a very nice scenic trail with some inclines coming north from Peabody but a very manageable trail is full of gravel and easy to ride . The landscape is great! Only two things about Market Street in downtown Danvers Traffic is very heavy. Be careful when crossing this street. and there are few slopes that could use a railing.
The trail is very well maintained and overall a pleasure to ride

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"One of Danvers' greatest gems"

June 2014 rian.dalton.50

The Danvers Rail Trail is certainly one of Danvers' great treasures. Between the explanatory signs, the scenery, and even the small wooden street name signs, the Danvers Rail Trail exceeds all expectations of what a trail can be.

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May 2014 fireplace

Not sure if greg724 and I were on the same track. I have no idea what he's talking about. I've been on 100+ trails mostly from Va to New England and this isn't a long trail but a very nice trail. Last but not least, this guy has no idea what a great group Rails to Trails really is. When I read such a bad review like this, it makes me very sad. Greg724, if it's as bad as you think it is, go and help do something about it. I rode this trail last fall in early November and thought it was a great ride.

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Wow, total devastation - what happened?

May 2014 greg724

I've been enjoying this trail since it opened but haven't been on it in a few months. I went for a walk yesterday and was shocked and saddened to see that all of the natural habitat along the trail had been destroyed. Add to that all the small animals, birds, flowers and pleasant spring scents that make you feel like you are in nature. Having grown up in this area, I know that the wild grapes and blueberry bushes that used to line the trail have been there for at least 50 years. So sad to see everything destroyed. I also know that the railroad relief extends only a few yards from the middle of the trail, so I was shocked to see that the land was so far away in every direction. I spoke to a landowner along the way who started crying when I asked about it. Now the path is just a wide, open scar in the landscape. It's also unbearably windy, devoid of wildlife, and much less secure, with the thorny, tangled vegetation providing an effective natural barrier to human predators. Instead of watching cute rabbits and chipmunks scurrying through the undergrowth, smelling the scent of flowers, or spotting bird calls, you can only see, hear, or smell cars from nearby streets. Very sad and very unimpressed with Rails to Trails. If I still lived in this town I would be very concerned about the qualifications of the Conservation Committee to keep an eye on these things.

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Watch out for falling TVs!

December 2013 cfisherdj

Took this ride from Topsfield Center to Lowell Street. Overall it was a great ride and the limestone surface was perfect. It's always a good thing to ride a bike trail in December. The only thing stopping me from giving this 5 stars is the fact that one person (or persons) seems to have decided that the I-95 overpass in Peabody is a great place to throw away that old box tv . There were 5 or 6 scattered!

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November 2013 fireplace

A little over a year ago I did this trail on a trip to the north coast and found the surface needed some work and it certainly did as it now has a great limestone surface from end to end which is in great condition is. Danvers residents should be proud of this trail, great signage, mile markers at every tenth of a mile, park benches and much more. There are a number of road crossings but all are marked and I would say this is a family friendly trail. You can now drive from Lowell St in Peabody to Rt I95 in Topsfield.

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November 2013 fireplace

I did this trail a little over a year ago and as before it's a great trail. You can now drive up through Topsfield and drive all the way to I93, it's a bit bumpy as it was only cut back last summer and doesn't have a good surface yet. The great thing about this trail is that you can now walk all the way to Lowell Street in Peabody, just over ten miles each way. The group that put this trail together did a great job and the crossings at Topsfield Rd and US 1 are two of the best high volume crossings I've traversed in the last three years and about 5000 miles of trails and over 50 different trails

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Great ride.

November 2013 gravel ride

Commenced journey from North Shore Mall. Once past Lowell St. The walk was very pleasant and the Wenham / Topsfield section was very scenic. I made it to the section that was no longer gravel and solid rock dust but field grass and it was a more difficult ride, can't wait for that to be finished. Overall a very nice and pleasant trip.

(Video) Boston to Border and Methuen Trail | New England 2019 | Recumbent Trike Touring

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Pretty environment

October 2013 to jldari

Great for experiencing the local countryside around the Ipswich River through Danvers. Looking forward to when the trail north towards Boxford, Groveland is paved? haver hill The large train station-like structure at Topsfield is likely to see increased use as the route north opens. Wouldn't a little coffee shop in this location be great?
Fall foliage around the swamp path was spectacular, the green swamp water was incredibly beautiful, mingling with brown, red, small blue flowers, etc.

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We did everything...

October 2013 radiant wheel

From the terminus in Boxford to the Peabody line, what a fun trail. The first few miles from Boxford to Oak Drive in Topsfield are unfinished so the single track bumpy grass track was a challenge for my wife and I who enjoy the smooth cobbled rail tracks we have become so accustomed to. Once in Topsfield we were greeted by a well maintained hard packed rock dust trail that was a joy to bike on. As we rolled out of town, we passed behind the Legendary Topsfield Fairgrounds and then into the wetlands, where the Grackles greeted us with a stirring bird song. We crossed the Swamp Walk and marveled at the vastness of the boardwalk that took us through such a beautiful and peaceful place. Back on the trail, we continued through the overhanging archway of golden maples and onto the Wenham section of the Rail Trail. This short portion of the drive is a bit more wooded, with a section carved through a length of rocky outcrop offering another great photo opportunity. We soon came across the Danvers Rail Trail marker, and not knowing if the trail ahead was finished, we decided to find out for ourselves. This 4.3 mile trail continues along its length also with hard packed rock dust and is an easy drive to its end. Though quiet and a bit quaint at first, it slowly blends into the back streets and neighborhoods of the city of Danvers. A minor setback was the number of street crossings and how close they were to each other. The junctions could use a little more attention to the curbs and signage of bike path junctions. Otherwise nice work, nice trail. Oh yeah, and ice cream lovers should check out the stand at the Pine Street intersection. Total trail length: 9.2 miles.

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More than we expected!

October 2013 radiant wheel

We were looking for a trail close to home to enjoy an afternoon of foliage and fresh air and chose the Topsfield Linear Common & Wenham Rail Trails. I knew they would also connect to the Danvers Rail Trail but after reading the reviews I wasn't sure what to expect. Much to our surprise, the Danvers Rail Trail turned out to be a very pleasant ride. Yes, there are many road crossings that could use more work and there is a bridge that we crossed that has a three to fifteen foot elevation change on either side with no safety rails, but other than that the hard packed dirt road was easy to travel and the mile markers gave us a sense of accomplishment as we drove past them.
For you ice cream lovers, somewhere near the Pine Street intersection, you'll find a small stand tucked away off the road. The trail continued over busy Route 114 and past the Peabody line, but that's where the dirt road ended and continued on a courser rock path that we found pretty bumpy, so we turned around here and headed home .

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Do it! 7.7 great trail

July 2013 Winter 2003

Heading north from Danvers Indoor Sports Arena, the first 3.3 miles or so aren't the greatest, but definitely doable with a hybrid. Lots of road crossings. Somewhere along that fourth mile, just after you cross Chestnut Street, there are two spots full of large rocks and even a road closed sign. Ride your bike over the rocks and you'll be rewarded with the most pristine track surface I've ever experienced. Nice way!!! Mainly because it just surfaced. More importantly, it continues to Topsfield for another 2.7 miles! Also note that on the southern part of the trail it continues at least another half mile south on a less slippery trail under Rt 95 and comes out at Lowell Street which is possibly the best place to park The trail to Danvers Indoor Sports Arena is not easy.

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Nice trail but under construction

July 2013 bschl

Trail is very flat and straight. In several places the trail is under construction for 500 feet or more, with large broken rocks underfoot (and not bikeable as of 7/20/2013).

Boundary to the Boston Trail | Massachusetts trails (32)

Not yet...........

June 2013 Scorpion56

I'm sure after the rock dust layer is applied (this summer??) it will be a decent if not scenic trail. It's pretty rough at the moment with an uneven gravel/dirt mix, which made for an awkward ride even with the fairly wide tires on a hybrid. In some places the vegetation encroaches from the sides of the trail. The trail flooded at Wenham St forcing me back onto the road which wasn't a bad thing.

I rejoined the Wenham/Topsfield portions of the trail (north of Rt 97) which had rock dust and offered a much better quality of ride until the end at Topsfield Common. Came back to the starting point at Danvers Indoor Sports via all roads (97/35/Hobart etc.).

I will try again next year when hopefully the situation improves. Until then there are too many better trails to ride in the area. Right now, the Danvers Rail Trail isn't ready for prime time.

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18 mile drive

May 2013 kshort53

An 18 mile round trip can be made starting at Lowell St. (no signposts) in Peabody (Bonkers/CVS) at the south end and going through Danvers, Wenham and at the north end in central Topsfield ends. Danvers added crosswalks and fixed the muddy area after crossing Wenham St. After passing Choate Farm is the Danvers-Wenham Swamp Walkway, which meanders around the swamp. The route continues via Rte97, past the Ipswich River and Topsfield Exhibition Centre, via Rte1 and ends at Topsfield Centre. All Rte97 and Rte1 junctions have crosswalks with solar powered flashing lights to remind drivers to stop. Best ridden on fat tires while the north end tends to have a smoother surface. Overall a great ride with plenty of dining options at Danvers Center to satisfy those taste buds.

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Back to nature, find yourself.

February 2013 Riegel19

The trail is excellent for walking, biking and cross-country skiing from the Rte 97 entrance to Danvers Agway for a loop of approximately 6.5 miles. The natural wooden bridges over the Ipswich River are now complete and the views are fantastic. There is a large wooden deck where you can sit, read, have a picnic and meditate in full sun in good weather. It's a place to clear your head, find some calm in your day, and get away from technology. Put your phone on silent/vibrate and enjoy the silence.

(Video) Early Roads and Trails of Massachusetts

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Beautiful scenic route

November 2012 purslane

The scenery was beautiful and the ground was flat and good for cycling. The only thing that was a bit stressful and not thought out were some of the road crossings on the busy roads. Curbs were not lowered and there was no pedestrian crossing.

Boundary to the Boston Trail | Massachusetts trails (36)

Nice and friendly

September 2012 elainecollupy

I finally had the opportunity to walk the trail with my two dogs, Shadow (Husky) and Murphy (Coon Hound Lab Mix). We started our hike at the entrance in front of McKinnon's Market in Danvers and drove north at 97 to the end. A beautiful Sunday afternoon. There was a pretty good mix of families, bikes, dog walkers, runners and walkers. It took me 2.5 hours - I think it was because I stopped to talk to good friends from church who I saw on their bikes. And then the boardwalk distracted me a bit, it will be nice when it's finished. And chatted with various friendly travelers along the way - oh yes - and the fall took me half an hour into the hike. My dogs crossed my path and not wanting to step on them I stepped over, they crossed again so I ended up jumping over and landing on my knees and arm. X-rays showed no broken bones, thank goodness, just stretched tendons and muscles - but with all the travelers that afternoon - kinda funny that nobody was there when I made the jump over the dogs. I agree about gravel on the trail - don't pave because we need good drainage - gravel would be better for the dogs paws - the larger stones are sharp for the animals.

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August 2012 fireplace

I did this nice little trail on a trip to New England. I did it on my road bike and because of the great surface I had a great ride. There is a very nice light on Topsfield Rd that lets motorists coming down this road know that people are about to cross the road. This is a family friendly trail as it is flat, straight and not too long. The crossing at Rt 1 is a bit tricky but doable. The highlight of this trail for me was the building that looks like an old train station on Washington Street. There are few parking spaces at the top of Topsfield Rd, but a large number at the top of Washington Street.

Boundary to the Boston Trail | Massachusetts trails (38)


August 2012 fireplace

On a recent trip to New I stopped and did this trail. I'll start by saying that the interface really needs some work. They're grabbed hard to pound jangling rocks into sand. I did this on an old Mt Bike with a Town & County tire. I wouldn't do this trail on a road bike as it's just too rough. It has a nice canopy most of the time. There are many road crossings that are well marked from the trail and also from the road. There are mile markers every 1/4 mile. Based on the surface I don't think this is a great family trail.

Boundary to the Boston Trail | Massachusetts trails (39)

surface ready now

May 2012 Cracked

A compacted rock dust surface was completed in Q4 2011 from Washington St. Topsfield through the Wenham section to the Danvers city limits where a rougher rock surface continues to Peabody. Danvers expects to install a compacted stone dust surface this summer (2012).

After passing Topsfield Fairgrounds heading south, the route becomes quite scenic as you cross the Ipswich River and Wenham Swamp, part of Audubon's Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary. A good area for bird and beaver watching.

Boundary to the Boston Trail | Massachusetts trails (40)

Nice but could be better

March 2012 run and bike

I walk or bike this trail, which starts at Rte 97 and heads toward Danvers Square. The trail is nice but REALLY needs paving. The gravel and dirt (and mud) is prohibitive for anyone enjoying the trail. It would be much more accessible and usable if paved. Also, some parts are dangerous when walking or cycling with small children. There are steep drop offs and one section near the high school has a bridge type structure but there is a good 20 foot drop down either side with no fences! The trail is pretty and great to have, but would be great to pave - I was ankle deep in mud there! Safety issues also need to be resolved. Plus some markers when crossing streets (like the AGWAY store) - trail start at AGWAY is hard to find. You have to go through some woods before you see a sign for the trailhead.
I've been to the Peabody bike path many times and it was great to see a lot of different people on it - wheelchair users, electric scooters, bikes, runners, etc. It's a lot more community friendly than the Danvers.

Boundary to the Boston Trail | Massachusetts trails (41)

Nice way

November 2011 mmhintern

A few weeks ago Danvers Ma parked on Hobart Street - looked like an old station - walked south on the path to Walmart and then back to Hobart Street - really enjoyed the walk - more walkers than cyclists. Parked back on Hobart Street a few days ago and walked north to Choate Farm - very wet in front of Choate Farm - needs a little work. Parked on Rte 97 today (lots of people do) walked south to Swamp Walk which is really nice and then back north to Wenham for a while - noticed lots of beaver dams, ducks and birds. Trail has been extended into Topsfield Center (via old Rte 1) - plan to do so next weekend. Very nice trail with beautiful scenery.

Boundary to the Boston Trail | Massachusetts trails (42)

View of the River Ispwich

November 2011 kshort53

Trail starts on Washington St., passes the Post Office, crosses Rte1, past Topsfield Fair Ground, along the Ipswich River, across the river on an old railway bridge, past a swampy area, crosses Rte97, past more swamp, past Choate Farm and on to the Danvers Rail Trail. The trail becomes secluded after crossing Rte1. The Topsfield end starts out as very hard packed gravel, then transitions to rock dust and then untreated track bed (after crossing Rte97) without the gravel. Eventually I got to a very muddy section in Danvers (about 4 miles) and turned around. Great riding on mountain bikes or hybrid bikes with plenty of views of the Ipswich River and surrounding marshes. Expect lots of birds in the warmer months. Compliments to Topsfield, Wenham and Danvers for their efforts.

Boundary to the Boston Trail | Massachusetts trails (43)

Danvers Trailride

October 2011 kshort53

Accessed trail from Collins Street, driven <1 mile south, trail ends behind Walmart, no access at south end. Headed north on Maple St and Rte 62, turned around near Danvers High School. Based on the directions it was probably another mile to the Choate Farm Conservation Area. The trail's surface is a mix of gravel and half-inch stone. A bit bumpy on a comfort bike with fat tires, although another rider passed by on a hybrid bike. I saw more walkers than cyclists, even passed a stroller. Little disappointed that many street crossings didn't have crosswalks, although people stopped.

(Video) Day Hiking The Middlesex Fells Skyline Trail | BEST Day Hike Near Boston?? | Medford MA


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