How to play Pokémon Unite - Hotspawn (2023)

MOBA fans will feel right at home in Pokémon Unite. Newcomers may be overwhelmed by the options available, but learning the basics will keep you ahead of the competition. Here's a breakdown of everything you need to know about Pokémon Unite. And be sure to protect your eyes with itthe best gaming glasses.

The basics of Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Uniteis a fast-paced MOBA where teams of five face off in an arena. Each team must collect Aeos Energy, which is collected by eliminating wild Pokémon and enemy players. Each team must score by depositing Aeos Energy on an enemy goal. The team with the highest score and the most Holy Energy collected at the end of the 10 minute match wins the game.

The map is divided into two sections and each team has two objectives to defend on each side of the map. The map features oneupper path, lower path and wild area in the center of the map. Most teams will have one or two players push and battle in each lane while another player, referred to as the Jungler, wildly kills Pokémon in the center to gather Aeos Energy.

Each goal is destroyed after 100 points are scored, meaning teams will slowly push into enemy territory if they consistently score points. Teams must maintain a balance between attacking and scoring, defending their objectives and collecting Aeos Energy.

There are also special Pokémon around the map that provide extra bonuses for defeating them. Don't ignore these enemies as they can change the outcome of a match and provide much needed advantages.

Fighting alone is not recommended as multiple enemies can easily overwhelm a lone player. Teams must work together to earn points and defend their territory. Having a balanced lineup is also helpful, and it's important to learn what role you like to play.


Find the perfect Pokémon for you

Players can choose from five different classes: All-Rounder, Attacker, Defender, Speedster and Supporter. Each class helps their team in a special way, but requires slightly different playstyles to be effective.

All-rounder Pokemon

All-Rounder Pokémon are a great choice for new players. These Pokémon have balanced Offense and Endurance skulls and are excellent fighters. Their mobility is usually average, but it's enough to move around the map effectively. However, they struggle to support their teammates.


Attackers have low stamina but excel at ranged attacks. Players can deal massive damage from a safe distance with Attackers, but remember that a quick escape isn't always an option with these Pokémon.


Defenders are the equivalent of tank characters. They have high durability and are excellent at protecting their teammates and targets. They usually can't deal huge damage, so remember to help these players fight back.

Speedster Pokémon

Speedster Pokémon can move quickly and easily outrun opponents. Their high mobility makes them the perfect choice for quick attacks and scoring. Be sure to escape quickly to avoid becoming an easy kill.

Pokemon support

Last but not least is the Support Pokémon. These useful characters heal teammates and disorient opponents, creating easy targets. These Pokémon aren't meant for the front line, so be sure to hide behind a suitable ally.

Part of the fun is figuring out which Pokémon fits your playstyle. Try out different Pokémon in matches to discover how you enjoy helping your team. Just try to play to your Pokémon's strengths to avoid taking damage.

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Don't ignore special Pokémon

Players can defeat special Pokémon scattered around the map that provide special buffs when defeated. These buffs can significantly affect you and your team's performance and are almost always worth getting.

Bouffant can be found near any spawn point in Remoat Stadium 15 seconds after the start of the round. The player who takes the last hit on the Bouffant receives an Orange Buff. This buff slows enemies equipped with the buff, which is an excellent deterrent for enemies being pushed.

Players can also find Ludicolo near Bouffalant, which drops the Purple Buff. This buff increases damage dealt to enemies with low health. Use this buff to finish off damaged enemies with ease.

Drednaw spawns at the bottom of the map and provides defense to an entire team when defeated. This shield is a great asset in tight fights and can easily turn the tide of a close fight.

Rotom is the special Pokémon that appears at the top of the map. This Pokémon moves to the nearest opposing target after it is defeated. Rotom charges the enemy goal for a short period, allowing players to score instantly. Just remember to follow Rotom to the target to prevent enemies from destroying it.

Zapdos is the last special Pokémon to appear in 10-minute matches. Zapdos spawns in the center of the map in the last two minutes of a match. The team that defeats this powerful Pokémon receives a significant amount of Aeos Energy and can immediately score for 30 seconds. Defeating Zapdos can be a huge late-game boost and help a team come back in the final moments.

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While these special Pokémon shouldn't be your main concern in games, they are a great boost to consider.

Experiment with movements

Almost every Pokémon evolves as a match progresses. This introduces new moves that your Pokémon can learn, slightly changing the way they play. Each Pokémon starts with two basic moves that can be changed into new moves as they level up. Moves also become more powerful in the late game, allowing players to deal significant damage.

Some moves have synergies with other moves, making them more effective when combined or used in a certain order. Check the Pokémon tab to see the details on each move to make sure they align with your playstyle. Also, make sure your moves complement each other and feel free to experiment with your move sets.

Each Pokémon also has a Unite move, which is usually the strongest attack available. Unite moves take time to activate after each use and can help turn the tide of a match. These moves can't be changed, so learn how to use Pokémon's Unite move effectively.

Objects are your friends

Players can further customize their Pokémon with items. There are currently two types of items in Pokémon Unite: Battle and Hold Items. Battle Items provide buffs to your Pokémon in battle or debuffs to opponents. For example, players can heal their Pokémon with a Potion to keep them alive in a dire situation. Only one Battle Item can be equipped at a time, so choose carefully.

Hold Items provide stable buffs to your Pokémon in a match. Players can level up Held Items using Item Enhancers found in the shop. These items significantly change the strengths of your Pokémon, and finding the right combination is essential.

Both item types are found in the Battle Prep menu. More Battle Items are unlocked as your trainer level increases.

Use the in-game tutorials for help

Pokémon Unite has a great tutorial system that teaches the basics of the game. It is highly recommended that you complete the six tutorials under the Practice tab. They provide excellent knowledge and a significant amount of Aeos coins.

Feel free to also use the practice area to learn the mechanics and basics before jumping into online matches if needed. Each Pokémon is also available in the Practice Area, so consider trying out new characters here before purchasing and unlocking.


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