How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (2023)

I imagine a good onecountdown timer on emails? So, 3, 2, 1… let’s get this post started!

A ticking clock is sure to grab your attention wherever you see it. Not to mention it creates a sense of urgency! No one wants to end a limited sale before they buy or miss out on a long-awaited product launch.

That's exactly what FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is. A countdown timer can speed up your customers' decision-making process and prompt them to take action. Neglecting to use them means that yourThe business is losing potential revenue.

While any decent email campaign can bring conversions, a countdown timer can entice even the most "resilient" consumer and maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.

If you want to stimulateemail marketing campaigns;with countdown timers, try Campaign Editor's Timer now! Just click and select a "Full Width Container" and then under "Elements" in the sidebar select the "Timer" option:

Try it now

So without further ado, let's explore countdown timers more thoroughly and learn how to use them effectively.

What is the email countdown timer?

Simply put, an email countdown timer is avisual representation of a countdown clockthat is embedded in your email, with the goal of getting consumers to act on the spot.

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (1)

Generally, there are 2 types of timers you can embed in your emails, HTML code timers and GIF countdown timers. HTML ones are better as they offer more customization options, while animated GIF timers are more basic and have limited functionality.

However, with Moosend you don't have to worry about that as the feature is built in and works flawlessly every time.

You get onereal time countdown timerwhich shows itreal numberof days, hours, minutes or seconds remaining until the end of the offer.

So every time your subscribers open their email to see how much time they have left, they'll get areal update for the rest of the year.

Once the offer ends, subscribers who open this email will see 00.00.00 on the countdown timer.

Why do you need a countdown timer?

Let's start by saying that in marketing and sales you need to be able to get your prospects to take action. If you leave them "unattended", they may not reach the desired action and convert.

Here are some tangible benefits you can get from using timers.

#1 Create urgency

Email countdown timers help digital marketerscreate a sense of urgency,which is proven to lead to conversions.

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (2)

According to acase study, a properly placed countdown timer can boost e-commerce store salesby a staggering 400%.

#2 Tap into human psychology

Countdown timers also encourage people tothey act on a whim. This is Social Psychology 101.

With his leveragePrinciple of scarcity, companies incite in consumers the need to own something that sells out quickly or something that is in limited supply.

Completing youemail marketing campaigns;with timers is a great way to build urgency and encourage users to take immediate action.

#3 Allow consumers to schedule

In addition, the countdown canhelp consumers plan. If you have an e-commerce store and send onedrip campaignwith countdown timers well in advance, you give your subscribers a chance to plan their budget, schedule, etc.

Thus, they are more ready for the coming bargain.

#4 Create hype

By counting down to your new product launch, big event or secret sale, you can create a sense of anticipation in your audience.

This anticipation will promote sharing, thus making the revelation even greater!

(Video) How to add a Countdown Timer to your Email

#5 Convince and convert

Convince your subscribers that your offer will not be valid after the expiration date. The fear of loss will begin immediately!

Keep your copy short and remove any distractions from youemail newsletter. With high-converting design and stunning graphics, you've won half the game before it even starts.

Pro tip:You can break through almost any consumer defense by leveraging its powersegmentationalong with countdown timers in your campaigns. How? By sending relevant campaigns to the right audience and setting a time limit within which consumers can act and benefit from it.

With Moosend this becomes almost effortless. Segment your email list by gender, market and on-site behavior, lifestyle, etc. and createautomated workflowsthat reach those subscribers while the clock is ticking.

Sign up now for a free Moosend accountand skyrocket the effectiveness of your next flash sale!

Now it's time to get some useful inspiration.

12 Successful Countdown to Email Examples

The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you can use countdown timers in your email campaigns. However, as the ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle said, "everything in moderation."

So, this great tactic should not be overused without a proper strategy in mind.

We have collected the most essential of them and present them to you, to "fire" your imagination and creativity.

1. Lenovo – Countdown to Presidents Day

Subject line:“Hourly deals drop tomorrow at 9am. ET 🕘”

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (3)

In this example,Lenovohas upped their email marketing game for Presidents Day by incorporating a countdown timer into their email campaign.

Instead of a 'boring' sale, they have all the tech lovers waiting for the huge sales to come.

As you can see, theemail copyit's minimal and the email itself is easy to read. Also, the color palette used is in line with the brand.

The extra magic of this particular campaign lies in the fact thatit maximizes the volume with a sneak peekfrom the sale's top deals. There's no better way to tell customers what's to come without giving everything away.

This could easily be part of a carefully planned drip campaign that follows when the sale starts, with each hourly offer counting down to the next one!

Create your first countdown timer for free by following Lenovo's lead.

Register now!

2. Register Moosend – Webinar

Subject line: "Only a few seats left!"

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (4)

When you're hosting an event or webinar, you definitely want to attract as many people as possible.

Using a countdown clock for your special event adds urgency to save a spot andcreates a buzzaround your event.

In addition, it is also a reminder for people about your online meeting.

So adding a countdown timer to your email serves multiple purposes.

This email is designed by usMoosend Newsletter Writer.

3. MOO – Offer ends soon

Subject line: "HURRY! Offer ends tonight!"

(Video) How to create a COUNTDOWN Timer⏱ [EASY Canva FREE/PRO Tutorial]

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (5)

In this example,Moocombines the countdown timer at the top with an animated GIF of an hourglass. This is a nice combination as it adds an extra visual element that shows the customer needs to act before the end time.

As for the email copy, it mentions only the bare essentials and takes the viewer straight to the CTA.

4. Harry's – Holidays

Subject line: "You better hurry..."

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (6)

This email is part of itHarry'sholiday email marketing campaigns.

Countdown timers are oneabsolute must in such campaignsbecause customers face the stress of having their gifts arrive on time.

As you can see, the background color of the email is aligned with the brand colors, while the email copy is smart and functional. The reader is taken to the CTA that prompts them to “shop now”.

5. Rayban – Early access for subscribers

Subject line: “Last Hours // Black Friday Early Access”

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (7)

by RaybanThe email has exclusive early access to the Black Friday Sale for members of the rewards program. As you can see, the countdown timer is huge, so it's hard to miss.

Email definitely feels like it belongs to an exclusive group, and that's what makes it powerful.

The use of the countdown timer here is to emphasize the urgency of using the promo code provided in the email and enjoy a discount that others won't be able to get after the countdown ends.

6. Farfetch – Free shipping limited time offer

Subject line: “Free shipping on your saved items!”

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (8)

Free shipping is in the top 3 of converting tactics.

Combine it with a countdown timer andincrease conversion rate fastersince when!

farfetchmakes good use of the countdown timer to encourage consumers to close the deal. This means more revenue for the company, which might otherwise be lost.

7. MAC – Loyalty Program with exclusive rewards

Subject line:"Are you a fan of M·A·C? Hurry, register before March 9th!”

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (9)

This email fromMAC Cosmeticsit is a masterpiece in its entirety. From email design to colors and copy, everything is on point.

The countdown timer is placed in a visible position surrounded by a striking pink stripe.

The best thing about this email is the wording and how muchprompts you to act on the spot! By the time you hit the CTA, you already know you're in for a treat.

Okay… I lied! There is another best thing here. And that's itsubconscious emphasis on quick action, which is achieved through the background clock. Would you resist the urge?

8. Burberry – Limited release/new product launch

Subject line: “B Series 17 February Is Now Live”

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (10)

(Video) Countdown Timer | JavaScript

When you're announcing a new product or doing a limited release, you want itI'm making a statement. Therefore, you need an impressive email template to support your message.

In this example fromBurberry, the email design is elegant and purposeful. At the center of the email is the countdown clock, while the accompanying email copy is there to state the exclusivity of the product.

We all know that consumers can go "crazy" to participate in such limited runs, so a countdown timer cannot be missing.

9. Leesa – Weekend Flash Sale

Subject line: “Only this weekend…”

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (11)

Flash sales are the perfect opportunity to take advantage of countdown timers, as they don't last long by nature. And that's the point!

Create extra excitement and urgency by putting a countdown clock in a visible spot. FOMO will kick in and do the work for you.

That's exactly what it isLeesadid in the easy-to-create email campaign that featured a beautiful gif image in the center to grab attention.

10. Bonobos – Everything is for sale

Subject line: "Ends 🔜 25% Off Everything | 30% off $200+”

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (12)

As you can see in the example above,Bonoboswas 25% off sitewide. For large orders, the benefit was even greater.

They kept the email design simple, emphasizing the particular benefits of taking action before the due date. The use of the promotional code is necessary to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

11. Forever 21 – Abandoned Cart

Subject line: "Yes! Good news about your order…”

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (13)

An interesting alternative to the classiccart abandonment email campaignis the above thanForever 21. Instead of just reminding their customers to complete their purchase, they added a countdown timer for psychological reasons.

You have a subconscious urge to act before the clock strikes zero. This is what you need to leverage to improve your conversions.

12. MVMT – Extended Selling

Subject line:“⚠️ Prices go up tomorrow ⚠️”

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (14)

MVMTdecided to extend their Cyber ​​Monday sale, so it would be remiss not to include a countdown timer to entice those hesitant customers to buy before the end date.

The huge countdown clock along with the great email subject line will make even the toughest consumer "crack".

GIFT:Get more email countdown timer examples and ideas

How to create a countdown timer for your email marketing campaigns?

Creating a countdown timer in your email campaign is easier than you might think. Follow the steps below and you'll be set up in no time!

Tired of texts? Watch itvideo version!

1. Choose the tool to use

The first step in the process is to choose the tool that will help you create your countdown timer.

As we said before, with Moosend you don't have to worry about this as this is oneinherent characteristicof the platform. You can access it directly when you sign up for a free account.

Sign up now (no credit card required!)

(Video) Countdown Timer in Excel

2. Start creating your campaign

Now login to your Moosend account, hover over the plugin icon and click on 'New Campaign'. From the available options select "Regular Campaign" and click "Create".

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (15)

Now you will be able to set basic settings. First, set your campaign type to "HTML" as this is the option that enables the countdown timers to work. Next, you'll need to give your campaign a name, subject line and preview text, then fill in the rest of the details. Then click Next.

After that, you will be asked to select a mailing list. You can either create one now or leave it for later by clicking Next.

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (16)

3. Go to the Editor and select a template

Now it's time to enter the Campaign Editor and start designing your email. To do this, click "Start Design"

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (17)

Once inside the editor, click on "Template Library" and select the email template you want to add a countdown timer to.

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (18)

4. Add a Timer component

Now click on the "Details" button, located on the left side of the Editor page. Next, drag and drop the Timer component into an empty container inside your template.

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (19)

Note:Make sure the container is of the "Full Width" variety, as this is the only container size that can accommodate a Timer element!

Your email will look like this after this step:

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (20)

5. Adjust your timer

Now click on Timer and its settings will appear on your right. You should see this:

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (21)

You can change all kinds of things like background color, font, label color, time color and timer theme. For the theme, you have 2 options, plain or boxes. If you select "boxes", you can change the shape of the box by increasing the "box radius". Increasing the radius to "60" will make your box a circle, for example.

Note:Don't forget topress the "Create timer" button if you want to see the changesyou do on your timer in real time. Otherwise, you won't see them until you click this button.

6. Set the due date

The next step is to set the date and time when your timer will reach zero.

To do this, click on the "Date" setting in the list of timer settings. A calendar will appear allowing you to set the exact day and time (on the other tab) that your timer will expire.

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (22)

Note:Note that the time you set the timer is based on your time zone and will expire at the same time for all users.

7. Create your timer

Any changes you have made so far to any of the available settings will take effect once you click the "Create Timer" button. If you hit that button along the way, you've already seen every single change happen in real time.

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (23)

And there you have it! If you want to see what your campaign looks like,click "Preview"on the top bar. Your new creation will look like this:

How to Use a Countdown Timer in Email [+ Inspirational Examples] (24)

(Video) How to create a countdown timer (Step by step Canva tutorial - so easy!)

Take away

Now you know! Countdown timers are a really unique feature that you can use in your email campaigns to make your plan stand out from your competition and instill a sense of urgency in your subscribers.

Although customer behavior and preferences are changing dynamically, this particular customer "drive" will always be the same, namely the fear of missing out.

The clock is ticking!Sign up with Moosendand leverage this powerful feature to engage your audience and boost your conversions today!


Can you do a countdown on email? ›

Simply put, a countdown timer in emails is a visual representation of a countdown clock that's embedded in your email, with the aim to make consumers act on the spot. Generally, there are 2 types of timers that you can embed in your emails, HTML code timers and GIF countdown timers.

How does email with countdown work? ›

What is an email countdown timer? An email countdown timer is an animated GIF image that counts down to a specific time. It's a ticking clock that you can insert anywhere in your newsletter to create a sense of urgency—just like in this campaign by Forever 21 below.

How do I add a countdown to my Outlook email? ›

How to add a countdown timer in Outlook?
  1. Create a MailTimers countdown timer. Use the MailTimers timer builder to create a new countdown timer that fits nicely into the design of your email.
  2. Go to Outlook app. Click the "Option" tab and enable HTML.
  3. Creates a new HTML file with timer. ...
  4. Send your email with a countdown timer.

How do I send a countdown in Gmail? ›

How to add a countdown timer in Gmail?
  1. Create a MailTimers countdown timer. ...
  2. Log in to your Gmail account. ...
  3. Click "Web Address (URL)" tab.
  4. Paste the previously copied url of the timer. ...
  5. Send your email with a countdown timer.

How do you use a timer form? ›

Steps to set time limits in Google Forms
  1. Sign into your Google account.
  2. Open the form.
  3. Click on the menu icon and choose Add-ons.
  4. Search for the formLimiter add-on and install it.
  5. Click Allow.
  6. Click Done.
  7. Close the add-ons window.
  8. Click on the dropdown menu and choose date and time.
Jan 26, 2023

How do you put a timer on an HTML email? ›

To use an HTML code in your email marketing:
  1. First, choose a tool to create the HTML code.
  2. Next, specify the end date and end time. ...
  3. HTML timers always need to have an end date.
  4. The number on the timer will start its countdown from the moment it is generated.
Dec 14, 2020

How does countdown work? ›

They have 30 seconds to form a single word using all the letters and must buzz in to respond (a bell for the champion and a buzzer for the challenger). Each contestant is allowed only one guess and the first to answer correctly scores 10 points.

Does email timing matter? ›

The top five best times to send email are 10 a.m., 9 a.m., 8 a.m., 1 p.m., and 3 p.m. 10 a.m.: While morning send times are the best performers in general, 10 a.m. took first place as the absolute best time in four of 10 studies.

What is the 2 minute email rule? ›

The 2-minute rule is a great way to deal with the never-ending email inbox. Give yourself a period of time to process emails. If the email will take less than two minutes to deal with, then handle it right then. This could mean a quick reply or hitting delete.

How do I create a countdown Calendar? ›

How to Make a Countdown Calendar
  1. Mark the beginning and ending dates of your countdown period on a standard monthly calendar. For each day that passes, cross out that day on your calendar. ...
  2. Count down to a holiday or vacation with an Advent-style calendar. ...
  3. Make a kid-friendly countdown calendar using simple paper loops.

What does the timer mean on Outlook email? ›

A yellow clock signals that they are away, and their computer has been idle, while a red dot means that they are busy.

Where do timed emails go in Outlook? ›

The scheduled email will sit in a folder called Outbox until it is time for it to be sent. While there it remains possible to open and edit the message, then confirm the delayed delivery by clicking Send again (or re-schedule it).

How do I add a countdown to Windows? ›

How to access the Timer for Windows
  1. Search for the Clock app in Windows. ...
  2. Search for timer in Windows 11. ...
  3. Open the Clock app in Windows 10 (left) or Windows 11 (right) ...
  4. Access the Windows Timer in the Clock app. ...
  5. Add a new timer for Windows. ...
  6. You can use the arrows next to each value to set a timer. ...
  7. Type in a name for your timer.

What is an example sentence for countdown? ›

There was a countdown clock ahead of them going on sale at 9am. It was most definitely the final countdown. His countdown clock is ticking to the end of the season. So now we begin the final countdown.

How do you send an email with a timer? ›

While composing a message, select the More options arrow from the Tags group in the Ribbon. If you don't see these options, you probably have the simplified ribbon: On the ribbon, select the Options tab, then select More commands > Delay Delivery.

How do I do a day countdown on Google Calendar? ›

In Google Calendar, head up to the gear icon in the upper-right corner > Settings > Labs. Scroll down until you find the Next meeting lab. Select Enable, and then hit Save at the bottom of the page. Now in your main calendar screen, you'll see a countdown to your next meeting.

How do you use set timer in a sentence? ›

She set the timer on the oven for one hour. The timer is set to go off in 15 minutes.

How do you make a minute timer? ›

One bottle is upside down, on top of the other. Fill the top bottle with water, through the hole on the side. Time how long it takes for the water to flow through the caps to the bottom bottle. Adjust the amount of water in the bottle until it takes exactly one minute for the water to flow through [source: Schultz].

How do you use HTML in email? ›

How to create an HTML email
  1. Open an application where you can type HTML code. ...
  2. Begin your HTML document type. ...
  3. Create the body and main table. ...
  4. Design the email template structure and header. ...
  5. Create the content area. ...
  6. Change the style of the email template footer. ...
  7. Style the text. ...
  8. Test the email.
Jun 24, 2022

How do you keep a timer in HTML? ›

OK, that's what we want, so let's make it happen!
  1. Step 1: Start with the basic markup and styles. ...
  2. Step 2: Setting up the time label. ...
  3. Step 3: Counting down. ...
  4. Step 4: Cover the timer ring with another ring. ...
  5. Step 5: Animate the progress ring. ...
  6. Step 6: Change the progress color at certain points of time.
Feb 3, 2020

How to send email automatically using HTML? ›

To send an email using HTML forms, you need to add the email id to the action attribute of the form. In that, add email proceeding with mailto: i.e.

Why do we use Countdown? ›

The main purpose of a countdown timer is to create a sense of urgency and give the feeling that “time is running out.” In addition to this, businesses also use countdown timers to count down to when a special discount or offer will become available.

What is Countdown mode on a timer? ›

Countdown Mode –

Enables you to simply set the timer to turn ON or OFF at a later time.

What is the purpose of a Countdown for an event? ›

Countdown timers can also be effective in promoting events and encouraging registrations. By highlighting the number of days or hours left until the event, you can create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to register before it's too late.

What is a reasonable time to answer an email? ›

What is reasonable? Generally, you should aim to respond to all emails within a 24-hour timeframe (not to exceed 48 hours).

What is the best time for work emails? ›

Sendinblue's research uncovered two good times to send emails: 10am and between 3pm and 4pm. These times may not be surprising. At 10am, most people are already at work and trying to get some things accomplished, eventually checking their email inbox and going through their unread messages.

Why is email timing important? ›

What's Even More Important Timing. Don't for a second think that when you send your emails is not important. On the contrary, it is very important. However, a perfectly timed bland email with the wrong message will be worth less than an ill-timed email offering the lead something they actually need and want.

What is the golden rule email? ›

The goal is for The Golden Rule of Email - treating every email as if it's a phishing attempt - to become second nature for everyone. If you habitually follow this rule, you will instinctively verify certain elements before taking any action on an email.

What is the professional email rule? ›

Rules for email etiquette
  • Use a clear, professional subject line. ...
  • Proofread every email you send. ...
  • Write your email before entering the recipient email address. ...
  • Double check you have the correct recipient. ...
  • Ensure you CC all relevant recipients. ...
  • You don't always have to "reply all" ...
  • Reply to your emails.

What is the 4 email rule? ›

The 4 Email Rule: if an internal email chain has gone back and forth 4 times between 2 people without there being a resolution, then the rule is that you HAVE to pick up the phone and call the person to resolve the matter.

What do you put in a countdown calendar? ›

For example, you can make them super simple by printing a calendar and checking off the days with stickers or other creative stick-ons... or you can make them into an elaborate adventure, with a small gift, a message, a quote, a photo, a treat or any other small surprise for each day of the countdown.

How do I make a custom countdown widget? ›

Tap on the plus (+) button in the top left corner to add a widget. Choose the Countdown widget. Tap on Add Widget. Once the widget appears on your Home Screen, tap on it.

How do you make a countdown timer app? ›

Create a Countdown app in 4 steps
  1. Pick a template. Choose a template that suits your needs the best.
  2. App layout. Set a navigation bar and determine app design.
  3. Install features. Search and install features for your app.
  4. Publish. Hit a publish button and let our team do the publishing.

What does the timer mean on email? ›

An email countdown timer is an animated or static countdown timer embedded in your email campaigns that helps you create a sense of urgency and prompt readers to take action.

What does yellow mean on email? ›

The green color is provided for emails that are most likely to be deliverable. The yellow color is associated with emails that are more risky and may bounce.

Does Outlook track time? ›

Outlook Time Tracking in One Click

Track time spent on reading and writing emails in Outlook Online. Connect Outlook to TMetric time tracking app in three simple steps.

Can someone see if an email was scheduled Outlook? ›

if there is a scheduled email delivery from the outlook client, the time stamp on the email will be the time of the email submitted/accepted for delivery by the Exchange server. If a digital signature was used, the time stamp in the properties of the digital signature will give away the actual time sent.

How do I set timings in Outlook? ›

You can change your language, date and time format, and time zone in settings.
  1. Go to Language and time settings (Settings. > View all Outlook settings > General > Language and time).
  2. Select the language, date format, time format, and time zone you want to use.
  3. Select Save.

Can we set time in Outlook to automatically send emails? ›

Outlook for Windows

In the message, click the Options tab. In the More Options group, click Delay Delivery. Under Delivery options, check the box for Do not deliver before, and select a date and time. After you click Send, the message remains in the Outbox folder until the delivery time.

What is an alternative to a countdown timer? ›

Countdown alternatives
  • Appscope. 22 reviews. 10 alternatives. ...
  • 4 reviews. 13 alternatives. ...
  • Email Timer. 28 reviews. 17 alternatives. ...
  • Fireball Studio. 12 reviews. 11 alternatives. ...
  • Pretty Progress. 8 reviews. 11 alternatives. ...
  • Email Taco. 2 reviews. 8 alternatives. ...
  • Day Tracker. 7 reviews. 14 alternatives. ...
  • 5 reviews.

How do I add a countdown timer widget? ›

Tap and hold anywhere on the screen until your apps go into jiggle mode. Tap the (+) button at the upper corner of the screen. Search “Pretty Progress” in the list of app widgets by scrolling or writing the app name. Choose the size of the countdown widget you want to add and tap “Add Widget”.

How do I create an automated email campaign? ›

Setting up the welcome email automation flow includes these steps:
  1. Install an email marketing tool. To start, you'll need easy-to-use email automation software (like Omnisend).
  2. Build and segment an email list. ...
  3. Set up an automation trigger. ...
  4. Create email campaigns. ...
  5. Activate the automation.
May 10, 2022

How do I trigger an automatic email? ›

How do you create triggered emails?
  1. Create the automation flow. First, use your email marketing platform to identify the trigger for the email (e.g., an abandoned cart, a subscription or a purchase). ...
  2. Create the email. ...
  3. Segment your recipients. ...
  4. Save the trigger. ...
  5. Welcome. ...
  6. Onboarding. ...
  7. Reactivation. ...
  8. Remarketing.
Feb 21, 2023


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