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washers and types

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Its shape is like a round ring. Before tightening the nut and screw, it is placed on a bolt or screw. It is used to ensure the tightness of a connection,screw, etc. and the nut bolts are easy to open and their threads are protected.

Even if the fit is slightly larger than the diameter of the screw, the washers can be used to easily tighten the nuts.

Check out those toodifferent types of nuts and boltsused in industry. You might want to know about it types of threadsin the construction of screws and nuts. Also check outdifferent types of screwdriversfor tightening and loosening and screwing.

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Types of washers

The following are the types of washers in order of their usefulness and function:

  1. Spring disc
    1. Disc spring or conical washer
    2. dome spring washer
    3. wave spring washer
    4. finger spring washer
    5. Crescent-shaped spring washer
  2. locking washer
    1. Split lock washer
    2. Externally toothed lock washer
    3. Internally toothed lock washer
  3. washer
    1. torque disc
    2. Flat washer
    3. fender washer
    4. Closing or countersink
    5. shoulder washer
    6. C washer

1. spring disc

This washer is in the form of a ring cut from spring steel. Its ends are slightly raised up and down due to spring tension. These washers are placed above or below the nut or bolt and tightened so that their two ends face each other and become level.

These washers are used to prevent a nut from loosening. These are used where there is vibration or shock. This puts pressure on the nut, preventing the latter (the nut) from turning and loosening.

There are different forms of spring washers. Each has its own advantages. Single Pattern Spring Washer, Standard Pattern Spring Washer, Double Pattern Spring Washer, Grip Pattern Spring Washer and Carrier Pattern Spring Washer are the structures of spring washers.

#1 Belleville washer or conical washer

List of 14 types of washers and their uses with [Image & PDF] (2023) (1)

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The Belleville Washer consists of sides that take very strong forces with small deflections. It is also known as a conical spring washer.

These washers keep an assembly in tension during thermal expansion and contraction requirements.Tapered washerThe load deflection properties depend on its height and thickness. It is used for thermal expansion projects.

#2 Dome Spring Washer

List of 14 types of washers and their uses with [Image & PDF] (2023) (2)

The domed spring washers are similar to a Belleville washer but have rounded sides. Belleville washers generate very high load capacities with comparatively little spring deflection.

They have rounded bottoms to form a flatter load-bearing surface. It is used anywhere you would use a crescent spring washer, but a flatter surface also needs to be created.

#3 wave spring washer

List of 14 types of washers and their uses with [Image & PDF] (2023) (3)

These types of washers rotate in two directions, forming a wave-like shape. Wave spring washers have sufficient load-bearing capacity and deflection.

They serve as cushion springs or spacers on a shaft. Wave spring washers have average load capacity and deflection limits. It is most commonly used as a cushion or spacer.

#4 finger spring washer

List of 14 types of washers and their uses with [Image & PDF] (2023) (4)
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The finger spring washers consist of three curved flanges. Finger spring washers are used to reduce damping and noise, extra wear, vibration and sliding wear on rotating parts.

Finger spring washers are made of carbon steel. They combine the flexibility of a housing washing machine with the given load points of a shaft washing machine.

#5 Crescent Spring Washer

List of 14 types of washers and their uses with [Image & PDF] (2023) (5)

These washers look like flat washers that have been bent slightly to create less pressure and maintain flexibility. It is also known as a curved spring washer. They carry almost small loads with a large deflection range.

These types of washers offer consistent spring rates across the deflection range and have linear load-deflection characteristics. Curved spring washers must be used for elastic products that are subject to alternating loads. It is also used to absorb movement.

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2. Lock washer

This form of lock washer is used to secure the nuts and bolts. That's many forms. Generally, six or more leaves extend beyond the major diameter of the lock washer.

After fastening this washer, its leaves are bent on the sides of the nut or bolt. Thus, this washer prevents the nut bolts from loosening. This washer is generally used in cars, trucks, etc.

#1 lock washer

List of 14 types of washers and their uses with [Image & PDF] (2023) (6)

Split lock washers are non-continuous rings that tilt each end slightly outward in opposite directions. With the split lock washers in place, each end is dug into the mating surfaces. They are also sometimes referred to as spiral discs.

This washer builds preload on the bolt as it is tightened. The developed preload protects against loosening in the event of vibration and corrosion. It is used to lock a bolt.

#2 External toothed washer

List of 14 types of washers and their uses with [Image & PDF] (2023) (7)

This type of lock washer has many teeth on its outside diameter that cut into a surface and maintain compression. The outer tooth lock washer prevents a fastener head from loosening by utilizing the buttressing action of the teeth.

They work best under large cap screws. The externally toothed lock washer offers maximum torsional resistance. It is used to lock deep headed fasteners in place.

#3 Internal Toothed Washer

List of 14 types of washers and their uses with [Image & PDF] (2023) (8)

This type of lock washer consists of many teeth on the ID that cut into the nut or bolt. The internal tooth lock washer prevents a fastener head from loosening using the strut action of the teeth.

These disc teeth can also absorb shock and vibration. It is used to lock flat head fasteners in place.

3. Washer

A washer is a flat disc. It has a hole in its center through which a screw, bolt, or set screw can be passed. With use, the surface under the bolts or nuts becomes smooth. In this way, the pressure of the nut is even over the entire surface. This washing machine conforms to the following standard:

Diameter of the washer = 2D + 1/8 (D = diameter of the screws)

The thickness of the washer = 1/8 D

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The angle of the chamfer = 30List of 14 types of washers and their uses with [Image & PDF] (2023) (9)°

Diameter of the inner hole = diameter of the screw

#1 Torque Disc

List of 14 types of washers and their uses with [Image & PDF] (2023) (10)

The torque disc consists of a square hole and outer forks that prevent the bolt from turning when tightening a bolt. It is mainly used with a carriage bolt for woodworking projects.

#2 washer

List of 14 types of washers and their uses with [Image & PDF] (2023) (11)

The flat washers are thin, flat, and circular with a hole in the center. The use of a flat washer is intended to distribute the load over a relatively large area and provide support for small head screws.

It is also known as a type A washer. A washer is what most people think of as a regular washer. They are good for general use.

#3 fender washer

List of 14 types of washers and their uses with [Image & PDF] (2023) (12)

The fender washers are flat washers with a small hole and a relatively large diameter on the outside. Therefore, this type of washer distributes loads over a relatively larger area than flat washers.

Fender Washers are used for installing signs, panels, drywall, automotive, plumbing, sheet metal and electrical applications. It's usually a thin metal. They named it after their common use on car fenders.

No. 4 Closing or Countersink

List of 14 types of washers and their uses with [Image & PDF] (2023) (13)

The cap has a top surface designed to hold the fastener. It is also referred to as a countersink. The countersink has 90° or 120° counters on top.

These washers served as washers for countersunk screws. This gives the countersunk screw a flush surface.

No. 5 shoulder washer

List of 14 types of washers and their uses with [Image & PDF] (2023) (14)

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Shoulder washers consist of a shoulder-type structure. They are used to protect screws, wires or other items from the rest of the assembly. They are available in fiberglass, phenolic, nylon, PCTFE, PTFE and metals.

#6 C washer

List of 14 types of washers and their uses with [Image & PDF] (2023) (15)

These look like a flat washer but have a slot cut from the center hole to form a "C" shape. A C-washer slides in and out on the screw or shaft.

The C-washer used may need to be adjusted or replaced without removing the fastener.

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The washer is a disc shaped flat plate with a center hole. They are used to deliver loads over a large area. It is mainly used for spacers, preload screws, springs and vibration reduction.

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frequently asked Questions

How many types of washers are there? ›

There arethree main types of washers: Washers, spring washers and lock washers. Within each of these categories are more specialized forms that serve unique purposes.

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What are different types of washers used for? ›

Different types of washers

  • washers. Their purpose is to distribute the stress on the fastener while reducing heat and friction during the tightening process. ...
  • lock washers. The purpose of a lock washer is to prevent the fastener from rotating or losing friction due to vibration or torque. ...
  • spring washers.

27. May 2022

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What are the main types of washing machines? ›

Comparison of the 3 main types of washers

  • #1) Washers. The most common washers serve to spread and distribute the load of a fastener and protect the object to which it is attached from damage. ...
  • #2) Lock washers. ...
  • #3) Spring washers. ...
  • construction of washers.

17. May 2018

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What types of mechanical washing machines are there? ›

Lock washers are used to secure fasteners. Spring washers are a load-bearing device that provides a preload between two surfaces. Other common types include flat washers, C-washers, D-shape washers, countersunk or cap washers, fender washers, SAE washers, torque washers, and shoulder washers.

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Are there class 8 washers? ›

Class 8 SAE flat washers are manufactured from high strength alloy steel. It is recommended to use a class 8 washer with class 8 nuts and bolts. Grade 8 washers will not crush or deform when torque is applied during tightening.

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