ONE:Is this deja vu? Why does the 2021 CRF250 look identical to the 2020 CRF250? Because it is, right down to the graphics. Honda has done this before. We said this in our 2017 CRF250 test: “If you put a 2017 Honda CRF250 and a 2016 Honda CRF250 in Honda's R&D department and asked Honda's most brilliant designer to tell 2017 from 2016, he couldn't to do it". There is a pattern here, but it doesn't make sense. Both years Honda made zero changes to the 2017 and 2021 CRF250s, it came out with an all-new CRF450. By not spending money on the 2021 CRF250, Honda was able to spend every penny of the R&D budget on the redesigned CRF450. Yes, let the CRF250s dry out. It's a strange business model to abandon the CRF250 in hopes of making it up with the CRF450. Is this business strategy working? Yes and no. There is a lot of buzz about the all-new CRF450, which should translate into increased sales in 2021. On the other hand, there is no buzz about the “Dolly the clone” CRF250 from last year. This is self-sabotage. Has Honda not realized that a modest effort to spice up your models with bold new graphics goes a long way in the eyes of the buyer? I do not think.


ONE:Honda had no choice but to spend millions of R&D dollars trying to fix the then all-new 2018 CRF250. It was a failure. The bike was a mess in the engine department. It handled well, but in the 250 class it's all about power, baby! The 2018 CRF250 offered no bottom or midrange, and top-end power was lower at 40.70 ponies. That's down 3-1/2 horsepower compared to the class leader, which in 2018 was the Husky FC250. The best word to describe the 2018 CRF250 was “boring”. The lackluster power made us feel like we were riding with the rear brake on. We checked multiple times to make sure we weren't.

Honda went straight to the design to see where things went wrong. The engineers couldn't start from scratch again like they did for the 2018 CRF250, as Honda's accountants wouldn't allow it. The budget for the CRF250 was already spent. So Honda had to pull money from somewhere else. Engineers were stuck trying to find ways to improve the CRF250 powerband on a tiny R&D budget. Here's a list of what Honda changed to the CRF250 in 2019 and 2020.

(1) Camera profile.For both 2019 and 2020, Honda changed the cam profile. Although the 2019 cam was developed by the HRC 250 Grand Prix racing team in Europe, it wasn't as good as the one developed by the in-house testers for the 2020 model.

(Video) 2022 Honda CRF250 VS 2021 Honda CRF250 - This Week in MXA Episode 36

(2) Exhaust ports.For 2019, Honda changed the geometry of both the intake and exhaust ports to move the power.

(3) Muffler.In 2019, the right side exhaust pipe was shortened by 50mm and in 2020 the muffler got larger perf core perforations.

(4) Head tube.In 2020, the resonator on the right head was removed for improved flow and the diameter of the head tube was reduced.

(5) Ignition timing.In 2020, the timing was updated to 8000 rpm.

(6) Engine cooling.In 2019, Honda realized they needed to lower engine temperatures. Engineers did this by adding a nozzle to the piston's oil jet and widened the left-side radiator by 5 percent at the top.

(7) AC generator.The AC generator was redesigned to reduce weight and friction loss in 2019.

(8) Clutch.The weak 2018 clutch was updated in 2019 and 2020. In 2019, it received an updated basket and judder spring used in the 2018 recall, and in 2020 the clutch plates became thicker, the clutch springs became stiffer, and the oil or capacity increased by 18%.

(Video) 2023 Honda CRF250 TESTED - Motocross Action Magazine

(9) Piston.In 2019, the bridged box piston design featured a reinforcing structure between the legs and wrist heads.

(10) Butterfly body.A smaller 44mm Keihin throttle body replaced the 46mm throttle body in 2019.

(11) Sensor.In 2020, a transmission position sensor was added to allow different ignition maps for each of the five speeds.


(12) Transmission.Second gear became taller in 2020 (going from 1.80 to 1.75 ratio) and second and third gears were treated with WPC.

The 2021 Honda CRF250 is the 2020 CRF250.


ONE:Yes. All the engine updates made in 2019 and 2020 made a big difference on the track. The engine made more power all around the dyno curve than the 2018 model. In 2020, the CRF250 produced 42.98 horsepower at 13,800 rpm, which was over a 2-pony improvement from 2018. It sounds good number, right? In 2018, we'd say yes. However, when Honda was caught behind the eight ball, the other manufacturers smelled blood and developed improved machines for 2020. The CRF250 placed fourth in peak power in 2020, ahead of the Yamaha YZ250F and the already aging Suzuki RM-Z250 .

Testers enjoyed riding the CRF250 with its improved powerband. It was easy to drive as long as you kept the momentum moving forward and were in the right gear. That was the problem
When theMXATest riders stacked it against the blue, orange, white and green bikes, the fun stopped there. The CRF250 is not a competitive machine when pitted against its competition.


ONE:The handling. This is one of the best handling bikes in the 250 four-stroke class. It suits a wide range of riders. The suspension is reminiscent of the Kayaba SSS components. How come? Because most riders can jump on the bike and feel right at home with minimal changes. For riders who lack the knowledge and experience to set up their own bikes, the CRF250 and YZ250F are almost unbeatable. It's hard to get it wrong.

The Showa suspension is plush, really plush. The suspension is on the soft side and the forks dive at times. However, they are hard to pin down. While the plush forks have a lot of travel, do they soak up rough terrain in their path? For most riders, too much movement is not a bad thing. It felt like we were driving on cloud nine. We could relax our grip on the bars and enjoy the ride. Pro test riders prefer more input from the ground and less back and forth motion. Faster testers wanted harder settings.

What helps the plush suspension is the frame it's attached to. The CRF250 frame does not flex under load, which improves suspension characteristics and cornering consistency. Like its big brother, the CRF450, it has excellent cornering characteristics, but while the CRF450 wants to stand tall at the apex of the corner, the CRF250 digs in and stays planted. This is a bike that turns with precision, albeit at a cost. At speed, the bike will rock for our lighter test riders. Bigger and stronger testers could handle it.

(Video) First Ride 2021 Honda CRF250 - Motocross Action Magazine


ONE:Japanese manufacturers must have made a deal a long time ago about production cycles to save money. Doesn't it seem odd to you that Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha would follow four year production cycles? This means that every four years they would come out with a brand new bike. Sure, little things would change over that four-year span with updated suspension settings, different gear ratios, new tires or fancy graphics, but engine overhauls or chassis changes were neutralized by the powers that be. The four-year production cycle worked great when the only players were Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda. Budgets could be set in advance and everyone knew when each other's new models were coming out. Everything was going smoothly until KTM pulled the rug out from under the Japanese manufacturers. KTM disrupted the industry by updating bikes whenever they wanted to. They really threw a wrench into the four-year production cycles of Japanese manufacturers. Even worse for the Big Four was that KTM came out with the KTM 450SXF Factory Editions in 2012. This scared the Japanese, because this was a brand new model that had been on the show in just six months

Since then, the Japanese brands have been playing catch-up with the Austrian juggernaut, who not only came out with new engines whenever he wanted, but grew from one brand to three brands (KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas). All three were serious competition, because they were all built with serious components. What does this mean for the 2021 Honda CRF250? It means that not only will they be a year behind Yamaha and Kawasaki in 250 development, but they will be two to three years behind the Austrian trio. Honda's stagnation on the CRF250 gave the competition a chance to strike.

The 2021 CRF250 offers a decent power package, but it doesn't shine in any area of ​​the power curve. It's still lethargic off the bottom, needs a wake-up call from the clutch in mid-range, and is starting to wake up from its nap in the upper echelons of the powerband. This is a long, drawn out process. It takes precious time to get into the meat of power. By the time the CRF250 wakes up, the 250SXF, FC250, YZ250F and KX250 are long gone. Even the dated RM-Z250 can challenge the CRF250 in the right environment, which consists of tight, clay, or Supercross-style tracks.

The writing is on the wall. Honda put the 2021 CRF250 in a hole as deep as the Chuquicamata open pit mine (the world's largest man-made hole). From 2018 to 2020, Honda did a pretty good job with what they had to work with. Power boosted and powerband widened. These 2019 and 2020 Band-Aid fixes made the CRF250 easy to ride for the masses—though the RM-Z250, YZ250F, and FC250 are also easy to ride.


ONE:The Hate List:

(1) Power zone.The CRF250 makes decent power on the dyno, but on the track the power is slow. By the time he picks up speed, the competition has already passed.

(2) Weight.At 228 pounds, the CRF250 wouldn't even be the lightest bike in the 450 class. It's 10 pounds heavier than the lightest 250 four-stroke and 5 pounds heavier than the lightest 450 (both are KTMs).

(3) Engine covers.The paint on the ignition and clutch cover is scratched on the first ride.

(4) Maps.We want a more distinct difference between the three CRF250 maps. Most testers couldn't feel much of a difference.

(5) Dual exhaust.Unlike the CRF450's one-to-two dual exhaust (gone for 2021), the CRF250 actually has two separate exhaust pipes and mufflers running on either side of the bike. If the CRF250 had the best power in the class, we could overlook the complexity, weight, and cost of replacing the two pipes, but it doesn't.

(6) Rear fender.The rear fender is weak and will eventually break if you grab it to lift the bike onto the stand. We lift it from the hot muffler.

(Video) 2022 Honda CRF250R TESTED - Motocross Action Magazine

(7) Titanium gas tank.Making the gas tank out of titanium and then covering it with plastic is like wearing suspenders to hold your belt up. At least if we could see more than a small piece of titanium it would have a cool factor.


ONE:The list of similar:

(1) Handling.This is the best feature of the CRF250. It doesn't wiggle or wiggle, and it turns on a dime - although it will rock at speed in the rough.

(2) Suspension.Showa parts are fake. It's hard to find a bad setup.

(3) Clutch.Stiffer springs, better fiber plates and additional oil added in 2020 turned a weak clutch into something to be proud of.

(4) Front brake.This is a good front brake, maybe not Brembo but it will do the job.


ONE:Let's start by saying that the 2021 CRF250 is a good bike. It doesn't do anything catastrophically wrong. it just doesn't do anything great. It has an excellent frame with pleasant suspension attached to it. It offers a clutch that works, brakes that stop and an engine that has a powerband without dips or valleys. Its cockpit is compact and better suited to shorter riders. The 2021 CRF250 is an easy bike to get comfortable with. Younger riders jumping to big bikes or lower level riders will appreciate the CRF250. On the other side of the coin, serious racers will overlook the top handling and plush suspension and focus on its worldly engine. If you're a serious racer, you'll need to drop at least a few thousand dollars on the CRF250 just to make it competitive with stock engines from other brands.

The CRF250 is a great bike for new riders or minibike riders making the jump to big bikes. It handles well and the suspension is great for lighter riders.


Here's how we set up the 2021 Honda CRF250 for racing. We offer this as a guide to help you find your own sweet spot.

Honda hit the nail on the head with the valve and spring rates on the Showa coil spring forks for the majority of 250 four-stroke riders. With the stock settings, the forks were lowered to their stroke. we added some compression clicks to allow them to climb higher. Some of the riders also dropped the forks in the clamps by 2mm to reduce oversteer. If you are experiencing oversteer, drop the slack first, then drop the forks. For hardcore racing, these areMXARecommended 2019 CRF250 Fork Settings (stock settings are in parentheses):
Spring rate:4,8 N/mm
Compression:7 clicks out (9 clicks out)
Rebound:12 clicks out
Fork-leg height:3 mm
Notes:The forks worked well for the standard 250 four-stroke racer. Ride these forks before you send them to your suspension guru. You might just be surprised at how well these forks work for your weight and skill level. If your head shakes, push the forks down on the clamps, bringing them in line with the cap to loosen the head angle and get rid of the shake.

We ran the race at the recommended 100mm. Overall, the stock settings are in the ballpark for most riders. For hardcore racing, these areMXARecommended 2021 CRF250 shock settings (stock settings are in parentheses):
Spring rate:52 N/mm
Race slope: 100 mm
High compression:3 turns out
Lo-compression:9 clicks out (11 clicks out)
Rebound:8 clicks out
Notes:The shock is consistent. He's not doing anything out of the ordinary. The bike does its best cornering at 100mm of incline. If you want more stability at speed, drop down to 105mm, but you'll give up supreme cornering response.



(Video) 2023 250cc Motocross Action Shootout


What is the top speed of a 2021 Honda CRF 250? ›

The top speed of CRF250R is about 60-70 mph.

The CRF250R top speed is about 10-20 mph slower than the CRF450R top speed, and 10-15 mph slower than the YZ250 top speed. That said, there are a few things that have a big impact on this CRF250R top speed number.

How much horsepower does a Honda CRF 250 2021 have? ›

39 horsepower

What is the top speed of the CRF250L? ›

Top speed. You can reach a top speed of about 80 mph on a CRF250L, but it's the cruising highway speed that's more important. You don't want the engine to rev at a constant high RPM if you're riding long distances on the highway.

What is the difference between 2021 and 2022 CRF250R? ›

The 2021 model was an all-out revving machine that needed to be run high in the RPMs to make power. Now, the 2022 CRF250 has more bottom end power, while sacrificing some of it's top end speed. The final horsepower number is actually . 7 less on the new 250, but it feels faster because the new engine is easier to use.

What is the fastest 250cc dirt bike? ›

The fastest 250cc dirt bikes are the Kawasaki XK 250 and the Yamaha WR250F, both have a top acceleration of 85 mph and similar features. The most powerful 450cc bike is the KTM 450 SX-F with a speed of 123 mph.

How many miles per gallon does a Honda crf250 rally get? ›

Honda CRF250L (2012-2020) spec
Original price£5000
Top speed75mph
Transmission6-speed, chain final drive
Average fuel consumption70mpg
Tank size7.7 litres
25 more rows
Feb 7, 2023

How much weight can a CRF 250 hold? ›

2012–2016L (2021 - now)
Curb weight144 kg (317 lb)142 kg (313 lb)
Maximum load145 kg (320 lb)160 kg (350 lb)
Fuel capacity7.7 L (1.7 imp gal; 2.0 US gal)7.8 L (1.7 imp gal; 2.1 US gal)
21 more rows

What does a CRF 250 weigh? ›

Show specifications
Caster Angle27.32°
Frame typeAluminium twin tube
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)6.3 litres
Ground Clearance (mm)333mm
Kerb Weight (kg)104kg
4 more rows

How much horsepower does a 2023 CRF 250 have? ›

2023 Honda CRF250R Specifications
Dirt Rider Measured Horsepower:37.8 hp @ 11,300 rpm
Dirt Rider Measured Torque:18.0 lb.-ft. @ 9,400 rpm
Fuel System:EFI w/ 44mm throttle body
Clutch:Wet, multiplate; cable actuation
19 more rows
Mar 28, 2023

What is the difference between CRF250F and CRF250L? ›

A CRF230F is a trail bike built for only riding off-road, while the CRF250L is a street legal dirt bike built for dual sport riding. Even though the engines are similar in size, almost everything about these dirt bikes is different.

What is the lightest CRF 250? ›

The Honda CRF250R is the lightest 250F dirt bike, coming in at 229 pounds wet.

What is the top speed of a Honda 250 road bike? ›

You can go at up to 75 mph on this motorbike model.

How many hours will a CRF250R last? ›

If you're just a casual trail rider, you can probably go 10-20 hours on an oil change, and the engine will likely last 500+ hours with ease.

What year did the CRF250R get mapping? ›

Riders who are familiar with Honda CRF250R changes say year-to-year the increases have been small but if you skip a year or two it is a big difference. Though this year there is no difference. Honda kept the mapping adjustment button that they added in 2015.

Is a 250 dirt bike faster than a 450? ›

450cc bikes are much faster than 250cc bikes, but you don't want to choose bikes based on how fast they go. Take into consideration your weight, height, and riding ability, to make the right decision on which bike would suit you best on the track.

What is the most powerful 250cc engine? ›

India's most potent 250cc bikes are the Husqvarna Vitpilen and the Husqvarna Svartpilen 250, with a power output of 30.84bhp.

What is the most powerful motocross bike? ›

Why the 2023 Yamaha YZ450F Won. It boasts the most powerful engine, top-notch suspension, a nimble chassis, 5-pound weight loss, and mostly agreeable ergonomics. Plus, its updated Power Tuner app continues to be the benchmark of dirt bike EFI tunability.

Are Honda CRF250 reliable? ›

Good and Bad

The Honda CRF250 Rally is reliable, easy to maintain and service, has decent off-road ability and comes in at an affordable price. It's heavy for its power delivery and on-road ability is limited.

What is the spring rate of a CRF250? ›

Spring Rate: 5.7 kg/mm.

What is the ground clearance of a Honda CRF250 Rally? ›

Honda CRF250L is a powerful yet strict off-road quarter liter motorcycle, producing a max of 23 BHP and 22 Nm of torque from its 250cc, liquid cooled engine. It allows a ground clearance of 255 mm, making it suitable for all kinds of terrain available in India.

What size dirt bike for a 250lb man? ›

Dirt Bike Size and Weight
Engine SizeSeat HeightBike Weight
110cc17″ to 25″90lbs to 150lbs
125cc25″ to 31″130lbs to 200lbs
250cc30″ to 38″200lbs to 280lbs
450cc35″ to 38″250lbs+
1 more row

What is the best dirt bike for a 200 pound man? ›

So, if you're around 200 lbs, you're probably better off picking a 2-stroke bike that has a 210 to 250cc. As a rule of thumb, 4 strokes are a little more than half the power of a 2 stroke, so if you are around 200 pounds, you will want a 4 stroke bike that is 400cc.

How many gears does a crf250 have? ›

The transmission is the same five-speed gearbox used on the CRF250R.

How much does a CRF250R weight compared to a 450r? ›

Weight difference is modest, the CRF450R tipping the scales at 234.8 pounds ready-to-ride, as compared to the CRF250R's weight of 226.

How much is a Honda CRF250R worth? ›

Suggested List PriceLow Retail
Base Price$7,999$5,190
Options (Add)
Total Price$7,999$5,190
2 more rows

When did Honda stop making CR250? ›

The CR250 was produced for nearly 37 years, 2007 being the final year of production.

How big is a CRF 250 fuel tank? ›

10,5 litre capacity.

Is a CRF 250 a full size bike? ›

Handling. The CRF250F is a full-size dirt bike for adults and teens because it has 21 and 18-inch wheels, but it's definitely smaller than a typical 250 enduro or MX bike.

How much horsepower and torque does a CRF250F have? ›

On our dyno, the air-cooled single churns out 20.1 hp and 15.5 pound-feet of torque and chugs on up through the rpm range.

Is the CRF250F a farm bike? ›

The CRF250F works hard on farm, dominates on the trail.

What year did Honda fuel inject CRF250? ›

CRF-F. As of 2021, the CRF-F series includes the CRF50F, CRF110F, CRF125F, CRF125F (Big Wheel), CRF230F and CRF250F. For the 2019 Model year the CRF 110F, CRF125F, and CRF250F all come standard with electronic fuel injection.

Is a CRF250R a race bike? ›

The Honda CRF250R has been around since 2004 when it was their first 250cc 4-stroke motocross bike, but it's been updated many times over the years. However, it's always been the same type of bike… It's made for racing on motocross tracks with big jumps and whoops.

What is the lightest trials bike? ›

The new Titanium R Limited Edition is touted as one of the game's lightest and most agile bikes. The new machine is without a doubt the most exclusive trials motorbike in the business, with an ultra-lightweight titanium chassis and a new titanium shock absorber support.

What is the average of Honda CRF 250? ›

44 kmpl (approx.)

What is the difference between a CRF250R and a CRF250RX? ›

Compared to the CRF250R motocrosser, the CRF250RX has the following differences: A resin 2.1-gallon fuel tank (instead of the R model's 1.7-gallon titanium cell), providing enough range to compete in closed-course off-road competition.

Is a Honda 250 fast? ›

The Honda TRX 250EX weighs 384lbs, produces 17 horsepower from its 229cc engine and has a top speed of 50MPH.

How much horsepower does a CR500 have? ›

The CR500 was first produced in 1984, and had a 491 cc (30.0 cu in) air-cooled two-stroke engine (1984) that produced 60.8hp, the most powerful motocross bike that Honda had ever produced. The CR500 raced in long desert rallies like the Baja 500 and the Baja 1000.

How fast is the fastest Honda motorcycle? ›

The Japanese manufacturer was also known for building the world's fastest motorcycle- the CBR 1100X. The 1100X Blackbird from Honda was built back in 1996. The next year, the first generation of 1100X CBR Honda blackbird came to the market.
1. 2023 Honda CBR1000RR ABS.
Honda CBR1000 RR ABSSpecs
Top Speed186.9 mph
6 more rows
Mar 14, 2023

Is a 250 dirt bike powerful? ›

The Kawasaki KX250 is another popular choice among dirt bike enthusiasts. This bike features a powerful 250cc two-stroke engine that delivers impressive power and speed. The KX250 also has excellent suspension, making it ideal for rough terrain.

How much power does a CRF250R make? ›

When run on our in-house Dynojet 250i rear-wheel dynamometer, we documented 37.8 hp and 18.0 lb. -ft. of torque from its rear wheel.

How many hours is too many for 250 dirt bike? ›

If you're a dirt bike enthusiast who casually drives the motorcycle from time to time, 100 hours is considered high hours. But, of course, this still depends on many factors like maintenance and use. On the other hand, for professional motocross racers, the high hours could vary from 15 hours to 25 hours.

Does a CRF250R have a powerband? ›

More midrange torque and power - The key to riding a 250 fast is the powerband. The CRF250R boosts the critical midrange torque and power significantly, giving you the advantage on the track.

What is the blue button on CRF250R? ›

The red button is the kill switch, the blue is for engine mapping selection.

How fast does a stock CRF250R go? ›

The top speed of CRF250R is about 60-70 mph.

What digit on a dirt bike is the year? ›

The 10th character in the 17-character VIN represents the vehicle model-year.

What is new on the 2023 CRF250R? ›

2023 CRF250R

Cooling efficiency was also improved, while a strengthened gearbox got revised ratios and nine-plate clutch. A new graphic treatment marks out the 23YM machine and features a brand new redesign of the iconic HRC logos.

What is the top speed of Honda CBR 250? ›

Production2011–2013 2011–2021 (Japan / Malaysia)
Bore / stroke76.0 mm × 55.0 mm (2.99 in × 2.17 in)
Compression ratio10.7:1
Top speed87 mph (140 km/h) 91.2 mph (146.8 km/h)
Power23.7 hp (17.7 kW) @ 9,900 rpm (rear wheel) 21.9 hp (16.3 kW) @ 8,500 rpm 26.7 hp (19.9 kW) @ 8,500 rpm
20 more rows

How fast can a Honda 250 dirt bike go? ›

Honda CRF250R: The Honda CRF250R is a high-performance dirt bike designed for experienced riders. It has a top speed of around 80 mph and can go from 0-60 mph in approximately 6 seconds.

How fast does a Honda 250 motorcycle go? ›

Most 250cc motorbikes have a max velocity of roughly 80 mph, which is suitable for riders with small stature or inexperience and won't overwhelm them. These bikes have enough power to move around and complete the necessary tasks but not enough to induce a novice rider to accelerate quickly or attain high speeds.

What is the top speed of a 2021 Honda CRF 300? ›

CRF300L top speed is 80 mph.

For acceleration times, the CRF300 isn't fast, though it will perform a bit better than the 250 that came in at 8.6 zero-to-60 and 16.7 seconds for the quarter mile. Theoretically, it will tolerate interstate speeds in most areas.

What is the 0-100 time of a CBR 250? ›

Top Speed and Mileage of Honda CBR250RR

2023 CBR250RR can reach 0 to 60 kmph in 2.75 seconds and 0 to 100 kmph in 6 seconds, and the top speed it can achieve is approximately 180 kmph.

What is the 0 60 mph of a CBR 250? ›

Honda CBR250R Acceleration
0-40 mph3.49
0-50 mph5.10
0-60 mph7.10
10 more rows
Nov 10, 2022

Which Honda CBR is fastest? ›

The Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird is a Honda motorcycle, part of the CBR series made from 1996 to 2007. The bike was developed to challenge the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11 as the world's fastest production motorcycle, and Honda succeeded with a top speed of 177 mph (285 km/h).

What dirt bike goes 60 mph? ›

125cc 4 Stroke – 60mph

A 125cc 4-stroke dirt bike can go very fast. It is capable of going up to 60 miles per hour and has a horsepower of about 9.

Are 250 dirt bikes hard to ride? ›

If you are a beginner rider, you will find the 4-stroke 250 a lot easier to handle than any other bike. A 2-stroke has so much power that a beginner might have a hard time controlling the bike. A 4-stroke will be the perfect beginner bike for any rider.

What is high mileage for a 250 motorcycle? ›

Generally, high mileage on a motorcycle is anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 miles.

How many miles per gallon does a Honda 250 motorcycle get? ›

Honda CMX250C
Weight139 kg (306 lb) (dry) 145 kg (320 lb) (wet)
Fuel capacity9.8 L (2.2 imp gal; 2.6 US gal), incl. 2.6 L (0.57 imp gal; 0.69 US gal) reserve
Fuel consumption52–62.6 mpgUS (4.52–3.76 L/100 km; 62.4–75.2 mpgimp)
RelatedHonda CM200T Twinstar Honda CMX450 Rebel Honda CB250 Nighthawk
21 more rows

Why a 250cc motorcycle is best? ›

Overall, 250cc motorcycles have better gas mileage in part thanks to their smaller size, so you can save some money when it comes to refilling on fuel. If you don't want to spend too much money after the initial purchase of the bike, gas mileage certainly helps in that regard.

How fast is a CBR 300? ›

Honda CBR300R Acceleration through the gears
Honda CBR300R Acceleration
0-90 mph18.07
SS/QM15.14/85.8 mph
SS/KM29.608/96 mph
10 more rows
Sep 13, 2022

How fast does a CBR 300 go? ›

The CBR is a delight to ride just about everywhere. The only place it fell short was highway riding. Honda claims a top speed just shy of 100mph, but 70mph felt busy on the little machine and the tach needle fluttered in the top third of its range.

How fast is a CRF 50? ›

It has a low seat height (21.6 inches) and a smooth 4-stroke engine. At its fastest, CRF50F tops out at 35 miles per hour. But the bike has several features that allow your kid to start out slow. Over 40 years have passed, and it remains one of the most popular beginner dirt bikes.


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