Pokémon Unite Beginners Guide (2023)

Pokémon Unite, which is out now on Nintendo Switch with a mobile version coming soon, brings the world of pocket monsters to the multiplayer online battle (MOBA) genre. Unlike his other gamesPOKEMONfranchise, this title is not strictly basedPokémon Strength and Weakness Chartsthan any other game in its universe. Instead,Pokémon Uniteit follows the format of other MOBAs where timing, spacing and second-to-second teamwork are key.

PolygonPokémon UniteOur beginner's guide will teach you everything you need to know to get started with this Pokémon-themed MOBA. We'll explain why it's worth exploring the classes and options menu, how to choose which Pokémon to unlock first, what the classes are different from, and why playing in the right lane is essential.

Table of Contents

  • Don't miss the seminars
  • Don't skip the options either
  • Which Pokémon Should You Unlock First?
  • How to make different constructions
  • Learn your lane

Don't miss the seminars

Resist the urge to dive inPokémon Uniteimmediately. Seasoned MOBA players and beginners alike should take the time to check out the game's six courses. The game allows you to enter live matches after completing the first ones, but it is worth going through all the courses first.

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The tutorials go through very basic and advanced mechanics that you wouldn't know if you didn't go through these short training exercises.

The first three tutorials teach you how to attack and score, but the last three are the most interesting. This trio of tutorials teaches that attacking different wild Pokémon can change the dynamics of a match. For example, some wild creatures can make you excited, while others can help you score much faster. These tutorials teach you which wild Pokémon to watch out for. Without their help, you may completely ignore their help.

Don't skip the settings menu either

The settings menu isn't the most exciting place to visit in a game, but considering its fast-paced naturePokémon Unite, there are a few options there worth exploring.

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One of the first settings we need to look at isAttack controls. Switching to Advanced Control allows you to press two different buttons to attack different opposing Pokémon. Enabling this setting is important because the game defaults to an automatic basic attack mode. There will be times when you accidentally target a wild Pokémon when trying to hit an opposing player, or vice versa. Switching to Advanced Controls helps you keep control of where your basic attacks go.

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Lock iconis another setting you may want to enable. Enabling this setting allows you to prioritize specific Pokémon to attack. This is important in large team fights where you want to focus on taking out support Pokémon or strong but low-health attackers — especially if a large defending Pokémon is standing in the way. Without this setting, the game controls may try to target harder-to-kill defenders before weaker characters. Being able to control which Pokémon you lock onto allows you to attack more accurately.

Which Pokémon Should You Unlock First?

After playing through the initial tutorials, you will receive oneUnite Licensewhich allows you to unlock a Pokémon. If you're new to MOBAs, you might not be sure which of the creatures to pick first. Each of the options given to you is a great choice to help you learn the ins and outs of the various classes in the game.

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  • Eldegoss is a support Pokémon. They use ranged attacks to hit enemies and their main focus is to restore health to their teammates. Eldegloss players should stay behind their stronger partners as they don't have much health. They are necessary to keep a team alive, but will be targeted by enemy players due to their usefulness to your team. Choose Eldegloss if you want to focus on keeping your team alive.
  • Snorlax is a defensive Pokemon. They are strong melee fighters. Snorlax players should not be afraid to jump into battle as they have a large health pool. They are key to leading teamfights, as they can take a lot of punishment, allowing their long-range attacker teammates to hit enemies from afar. Choose Snorlax if you like to be in the center of the action.
  • Pikachu is a ranged attacker. They use ranged attacks to defeat enemies and defeat them from a distance. Pikachu players will have to walk the line between using their power to play aggressively, but also know when to back off, as their low health allows them to be easily defeated. They are the tip of the spear and will be the most dangerous players on the team. Choose Pikachu if you want to be your team's main damage dealer.
  • Charizard is all round. Their skills allow them to be a threat both up close and at long range. Charizard players have decent damage output and health, so their playstyle depends on who is controlling them. Players can also choose different skills as they level up, which radically changes the way Charizard fights. Choose Charizard if you want to play as a versatile Pokémon that can stand up to or get by.
  • Talonflame is faster. Their fast speed allows them to move throughout the battle arena giving them the ability to be a threat anywhere on the map. Talonflame players like to roam the arena taking out wild Pokémon to gain experience. They should then notice which of their teammates need help and dive in for assists and takeoffs. Once done, they return to roaming to gain more experience and enter when the time is right. Choose Talonflame if you like the idea of ​​being a mobile threat that is constantly on the move.

If you're not sure which Pokémon to pick at first, pick Charizard. They have the most flexibility of all the options above. They are one of the few Pokémon that have evolution transformations, and the skills they unlock allow them to create two separate builds.

How to make different constructions

As you level up throughout the match, you gain the ability to learn new attacks. Over time, you learn new moves that replace the two initial skills you start the match with. The choices you make determine how your Pokémon's fighting style changes throughout the match.

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At level 5 and level 7, your Pokémon can learn new skills. You will always have two different choices to make at these points. Each character has different moves that support new ways to play. For example, Charizard has two sets of moves that either allow them to deal damage over time in areas that lock on them, or they can become melee attackers. You can mix and match what new skills you gain to create a unique play style.

Learn your lane

Each Pokémon excels in different areas of the map. When preparing for battle, the game will let you know which lane is recommended for each Pokémon.

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When you are in the lobby and choose your Pokémon, enter itBattle preparationscreen to find out which oneRoute mapyou should get When you press the edit button, it will show you which lane is best for your Pokémon. Defenders and some attackers are best for the top. Speedsters should roam around the center and all-rounders are ideal for the bottom.

You don't have to follow these recommendations, but when you're first learning the game, it's best to try playing in these lanes. You'll have to move around the map to help teammates out when the need arises, but these lane suggestions describe where on the map each Pokémon is most effective.


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