Rating of Impact Gel Saddle Pad in 2022 (2023)

Nowadays, many people have comfort problems while horseback riding. Just modifying and adjusting the saddle doesn't make the ride easy and comfortable. Saddle pads usually increase performance and comfort.

These days you might come across the word "Impact Gel Saddle Pads".

"Are gel saddle pads any good?"

"Does Impact Gel really work?"

I bet these questions drove you crazy. Basically, impact gels are designed to reduce friction and increase shock absorption. Many professionals love Impact Gel saddle pads for their effective shock absorption and power distribution.

To help riders we have created our Premium Impact Gel Saddle Pad Reviews. I'm confident that our content will guide you to the perfect saddle pad for a comfortable ride. So don't dally and check our policies now!

Our top picks!

1. Best Impact Gel Saddle Pad Overall:(Impact Gel Seat Saver saddle pad): It is the best saddle pad for superior construction, durability and comfort.

2. Best Impact Gel saddle pad for maximum equipment:(Impact Gel Contour Filzschabracke): It is a durable pad with excellent features to protect horses from back pain.

3. Heat Protection Beat Pad:(Impact gel contour saddle pad): The well-crafted construction of the Contour saddle pad comforts the horse even in the scorching heat.

4. Best Thin Impact Gel Saddle Pad:(Impact Gel Underlayment Pad): Its thin construction improves overall fit and comfort.

5. Best Impact Gel Pad for Endurance & Trail Saddles:(Impact Gel Trail Endurance saddle pad): It is a durable and flexible gel pad that fits perfectly under the hiking saddles.

Best Impact Gel Saddle Pads: Check out our premium guidelines!

Choosing the gel saddle pad with the best performance is undoubtedly not easy. We don't want you to waste time picking the perfect impact gel pad. That's why we've compiled a list of the best gel saddle pads. So, stop by now for details!

1. Impact Gel Seat Saver Saddle Pads:

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The Impact Gel Seat Saver Saddle Pad is a premium gel pad with a 100% fleece top. The manufacturer has equipped it with elastic bands and additional straps to ensure tight placement. Since the saddle is not relocated, the horse feels comfortable even on a long and tiring ride.


  • Marke: Effect gel.
  • Weight:4 pounds.
  • Material:Fleece.


  • Since it is firmly attached to the saddle, the rider does not have any shifting problems.
  • It has many additional specifications such as non-slip bottom, straps and elastic bands for better placement.
  • The memory foam pillow and impact gel technology is super comfortable.
  • Its mesh upper will comfort your back while you ride.

What does the customer like?

  • It's a perfect saddle pad that fits comfortably and stays in place. Trust me; This saddle makes the ride easier by relieving your back and gluteal muscles.

What does the customer not like?

  • It's a bit pricey but really a life saver.

2. Impact Gel Contour Filzschabracke:

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The Impact Gel brand has been working on the comfort of drivers for more than 20 years. Its contour felt model offers a better design for maximum fit and shock absorption.


  • Marke:effect gel
  • Dimensions:30″ x 15″ x 3,8″.
  • Weight:8 pounds.
  • Color:Schwarz.
  • Size:30 inches.


  • Impact Gel Contour Felt Pad was handcrafted in the USA.
  • The saddle pad is approximately 30 inches long, 32 inches wide and 1 inch thick.
  • This is especially suitable for saddles with a square or round back.
  • The wool fabric shows better flexibility and breathability.
  • Its contoured design distributes weight, heat and shock bilaterally.
  • The High Impact Reduction System also offers support on slippery surfaces.
  • Flexibility and even pressure point distribution.

What does the customer like?

  • The contour pad keeps the horse healthy with maximum fit and extra protection. Trust me; this item is really worth the money.

What does the customer not like?

  • Several customers complained about poor packaging quality.

3.Impact gel contour saddle pad:

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Impact Gel Contour Saddle Pad is one of the best ranked in the US. Its shock-absorbing gel ensures maximum comfort and minimum fatigue. It's the number one choice of many riders out there due to its even weight and heat distribution.


  • Marke:effect gel
  • Weight:6 pounds.
  • Color:Schwarz.
  • Size:30 inches.


  • It features a high quality and eco-friendly shock absorbing gel with excellent temperature resistance.
  • Its unique wool blend provides better ventilation to keep the horse cool.
  • The durable leather offers better durability and longevity.
  • By organizing the pressure points evenly, the force is evenly distributed across the pad. In this way, the horse tires less over a long period of time.

What does the customer like?

  • The Impact Gel Contour Saddle Pad is a well-made pad that is easily adaptable to different horse types. Its heat protection system also relieves you in the scorching summer heat.

What does the customer not like?

  • Customers would prefer a lightweight version.

4. Impact Gel Underlayment Pad:

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Impact Gel began its journey in 2002. Since then it has been the rider's choice for quality materials and superior durability. This model comes with a robust one-piece contour cut to relieve pressure points. The breathable handmade leather can also prevent muscle wasting.


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  • Marke:effect gel
  • Dimensions:32,7″ x 15,8″ x 2,5″.
  • Weight:2,81 kg.
  • Size:32 inches.
  • Style:Standard-Gel.


  • The Impact Gel Underlayment Pad comes from the USA.
  • It features a high quality XT Lite Gel or Standard Gel.
  • Because the saddle pad has a durable construction, you can expect it to last for years.
  • It is a flexible saddle pad with even and superior pressure point relief.
  • The modern wool blend ensures unique breathability for improved climate control between the pads.
  • Its contoured design supports muscle atrophy and relieves pressure on the spine.

What does the customer like?

  • It is a durable saddle pad with a thin construction. It will definitely improve the overall comfort by improving the overall equipment.

What does the customer not like?

  • This design is too thin for trail saddles.

5. Impact Gel Trail Endurance Saddle Pad:

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Impact Gel Trail Endurance Pads feature a premium, eco-friendly shock absorbing gel. They can easily withstand temperature fluctuations and pressure. Because of their flexible construction, a rider can expect even pressure distribution for better comfort. It's basically a hand-sewn pad for minimal fatigue, inconsistency, and maximum heat/weight protection.


  • Brand Name:effect gel
  • Color:Schwarz.
  • Broad:32 inches.
  • Thickness:¾ inch.


  • It is a premium saddle sewn and designed in the USA.
  • It is made of durable and flexible leather with high durability
  • The saddle pad is approximately 32 inches wide at the front. In the back, it's about 29″ long and 3/4″ thick.
  • A rider can expect better airflow due to its unique wool blend.

What does the customer like?

  • It offers the perfect size, shape and thickness that any rider would prefer. The panels feel super comfortable under the Australian or Endurance saddle.

What does the customer not like?

  • This pad is not suitable for horses with high withers.

How to Choose the Best Impact Gel Saddle Pads?

After browsing our in-depth Impact Gel Saddle Pad reviews content, it can seem difficult to find a perfect fit. Therefore, we have highlighted certain factors to buy the best gel saddle pad. Just jump into the details below to get a clear idea!


Comfort is the first criterion that you should pay attention to before buying. Due to the modern technology of the Impact Gel pads, they have been preferred by professional drivers for more than fifteen years. The best gel saddle pad Features gel bladders under the bars to help maintain spinal pressure.

A high-quality woven saddle pad made from Impact Gel is said to improve air circulation through its moisture-wicking properties.


I bet you don't want to invest in the Impact Gel saddle pad every year. A quality saddle pad is made in Wisconsin. Therefore, a driver can assume that it will last a long time. Impact Gels have been proven to be unaffected by extreme outside temperature fluctuations.

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Its shock absorbing properties work between -40⁰F and 250⁰F. High-quality leather with fresh skins is able to wear at least 50 years. The wool blend pads also offer supreme durability.

Shock absorption:

High absorption is the quality anyone would expect from an impact resistant gel saddle pad. Semi-rigid pads offer excellent shock-absorbing properties due to the horizontal energy distribution.

When your saddle pad is efficient, it relieves pressure points and prevents white spots. This keeps the horse fresh and healthy. So your overall performance will be better than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What do gel saddle pads do?

gel saddle padsare efficient at absorbing friction and shock while a rider is on the move. Gel technology evenly distributes the rider's weight across the pad. It also helps to reduce horse fatigue. When a rider needs a durable pad, a gel saddle pad is perfect for them.

What is the best thickness for a saddle pad?

We recommend ¾ inch thick saddle pads for regular training. On the contrary, a ½ inch padding is enough for both reining and protection. However, if you're on the heavier side, a 1-inch pad is a perfect choice.

Are Impact saddle pads any good?

A poorly fitted saddle can cause major discomfort and white spots. Impact Gels are highly effective at absorbing shock and relieving pressure points. Due to its sophisticated gel technology, the force is evenly distributed over the pad instead of putting pressure on the horse's back. So your ride will be super stable, safe and comfortable.

Final Thoughts:

We want riders to have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable ride on horseback. It is a fact that the best gel saddle pads are quite expensive. However, you don't have to buy them often. Buy them once for years of intense support. In addition, the Perfect Impact Gel saddle pad keeps the horse's back healthy and increases the rider's experience.

After going through our premium Impact Gel saddle pad reviews, I bet that choosing the best saddle pad for you has become a piece of cake. Among our recommended saddle pads, I liked the Impact Gel Seat Saver Pad for comfortable padding and tight placement. Are you ready to enjoy horseback riding now?

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