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The Alliant Visa Signature Card is a great cash back card for big spenders!

The Alliant Visa Signature Card is a fantastic credit card for high-spending cash back enthusiasts. This card is a lesser-known option among travelers, but it's a favorite among cash-back fans. This is due to the high and stable earnings structure and the lack of bonus categories. However, high-spending travelers should opt for a premium or mid-range travel credit card.

This card has an annual fee of $99, which is waived in the first year. Most cash back credit cards have no annual fee. But this is reaping great rewards for high-cost cashback enthusiasts.

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The Alliant Visa Signature Card earns a lot of cash fast. Cardholders will earn 3% on all purchases for the first year and then 2.5% thereafter. This is a fantastic earning structure that is unmatched among flat rate cash back credit cards.

Additionally, the breakeven point for this card is $3,960. In other words, cardholders must spend $3,960 within a year to earn $99 in cash back to justify the card's annual fee. This does not apply to the first year because the annual fee is waived. The benchmark shows that the Alliant Visa Signature Card is best suited for high spenders who want simplicity in their credit card lineup.

Additionally, this card has a maximum spending limit of $10,000 per month. That means cardholders can earn up to $300 per month during the first year and $250 per month thereafter. Cardholders can earn up to $3,600 annually during the first year and $3,000 annually thereafter.

Unfortunately, Alliant does not offer a sign-up bonus for this card. That's to be expected, given the first year's annual fee waiver and long-term rewards. However, waiving the first year annual fee immediately saves cardholders $99. This is similar to earning a signup bonus with no minimum spending requirement.


Redemption Methods

Cash back credit cards generally have fewer ways to redeem rewards than travel credit cards. The Alliant Visa Signature Card is no exception. This card offers two methods of redemption: debit and direct deposit.

Cashback is one of the most common methods among cash back credit cards. It is the only redemption method for those who do not have an Alliant Credit Union checking or savings account.

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Alternatively, cardholders who have a bank account with Alliant Credit Union can have their cash rewards deposited into their account. Cardholders can then use their rewards as they wish. Many non-travelers roll their rewards into an IRA or brokerage account. Instead, travelers can use their rewards for unusual travel expenses that they can't use points and miles for.


One of the main caveats of the Alliant Visa Signature Card is that cardholders must earn at least $50 in cash back before they can cash out. This is a very high minimum, especially compared to competitors. Several competitors have a $25 cash back minimum before you can redeem. Some competitors have no minimum at all.

Additionally, all cashbacks earned have an expiration date of four calendar years. Cash Rewards expire at the end of the fourth calendar year after they are earned. For example, any cashback earned in 2021 expires in December 2025.


The Alliant Visa Signature Card is a high-earning cash back credit card. This means it doesn't have the travel benefits of most travel credit cards. However, it comes with some useful perks.

No foreign transaction fees

Cardholders will save 3% on foreign transaction fees when using their card abroad. This perk is unusual for a cash back credit card because it's usually found on travel cards.

Purchase protection & extended warranty

Items purchased with your Alliant Visa Signature Card that are stolen or damaged within 90 days of purchase may be eligible for a refund. Purchase protection is a nice perk that not many credit cards offer.

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In addition, Alliant doubles the manufacturer's warranty on certain purchases. This is an awesome and unique approach to a standard extended warranty benefit. For example, an Alliant cardholder buys a TV at Costco. Costco offers a four-year warranty on the TV. So Alliant will double that in eight years.

Travel accident coverage

In addition, Alliant offers $250,000 in travel accident coverage for cardholders. This is similar to the travel insurance offered by Chase Sapphire cards and several American Express cards. It's nice to see Alliant offering this benefit, even though the Alliant card isn't a travel card.

Car Rental Coverage & Roadside Assistance

Alliant's rental car coverage is secondary, something American Express offers with many of its cards. Cardholders must first file a claim with their insurance company if they are involved in a rental car accident. Secondary insurance from Alliant kicks in if any deductible remains.

In addition, Alliant cardholders have access to 24-hour roadside assistance, which must be paid for separately. However, many cardholders also have AAA or a similar roadside assistance service. These services are why many credit cards no longer offer roadside assistance.

Similar cards

Citi Double Cash

TheCiti Double Cashis the most direct competitor to the Alliant Visa Signature Card. Cardholders earn a total of 2% cash back, which comes in two parts. The first 1% is earned by making a purchase and the second 1% is earned by paying the bill. This 2% total does not change after the first year.

Like Alliant and the Visa Signature Card, Citi doesn't offer a sign-up bonus for Double Cash. However, Double Cash does not have an annual fee. So Double Cash is the best option for those who spend less than $3,960 per year.

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Citi Double Cash is also better for international travelers. This is because cash rewards can be converted into transferable Citi Thank You (TY) points. In turn, TY points can be transferred to a multitude of partners, most of which are international airlines.

American Express Blue Cash Preferred

Alternatively, theAmerican Express Blue Cash Preferredis a great competitor to the Alliant Visa Signature Card. This card also has a $95 annual fee, but it's non-cancellable for the first year.

However, this annual fee is offset by a rich earnings structure. The Blue Cash Preferred Card earns 6% cash back on groceries and select streaming services. In addition, he earns 3% at gas stations and local travel. All other purchases earn 1%. This earning structure is loaded with bonus categories unlike the Alliant fixed card.

Additionally, American Express is offering a $250 sign-up bonus for the Blue Cash Preferred Card. You can earn this bonus by spending $1,000 within the first three months. Alliant does not offer a sign-up bonus for the Visa Signature Card.

Those with significant grocery expenses are better off with the Blue Cash Preferred Card. However, those with more overhead and large budgets are better off with the Alliant card.

Final draw

The Alliant Visa Signature Card is a specialty credit card with cash back. Alliant's website says this card is "exclusively designed for high spenders with excellent credit." But what makes this credit card truly niche given its target market is its cash back rewards. A plethora of high spenders with excellent credit are choosing mid-range and premium travel credit cards. But many of these people are switching to cash due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restricted travel. So the Alliant Visa Signature Card could be a suitable alternative.

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What credit score do you need for Alliant visa signature? ›

Applying to the Alliant Cashback Visa Signature with a good to excellent credit score (a 670 or higher FICO score, or a 661 or higher VantageScore) will give you the best approval odds.

Is an Alliant credit card hard to get? ›

You'll need at least fair credit to qualify for the Alliant Visa® Platinum Credit Card. By comparison, other balance transfer cards typically require good to excellent credit (a score of 690 or higher).

Is visa signature hard to get? ›

The qualifications needed to obtain a Visa Signature card vary depending on the financial institution that issues the card. But per Visa, in some cases you may need good or excellent credit to obtain a Visa Signature card.

What credit score is needed for a signature card? ›

For the Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, you'll likely need a good credit score (670 or above) to qualify. Having a good credit score does not necessarily guarantee you'll be approved, but the higher it is, the more it does improve your chances.

What is the credit limit on a Visa signature Card? ›

Minimum $5,000 Credit Limit — Visa Signature cards are issued with a minimum $5,000 credit limit; for this reason, you must have a good to excellent credit score to qualify.

Does visa signature have a minimum credit limit? ›

Credit limit: Visa Signature is ideal for those with well-established credit because this type of credit card offers a minimum starting credit limit of $5,000, which is higher than most cards.

What is the credit limit on Alliant credit card? ›

The starting credit limit for the Alliant Cashback Visa Signature card is $10,000. That's the amount everyone who's approved for the card is guaranteed to get.

Is Alliant better than Chase? ›

Alliant Credit Union's High Rate Savings Account, which offers 0.55% APY, beats the standard savings rates many big banks offer by far, such as Chase, which offers 0.01% APY. Alliant also offers a High Rate Checking account that offers 0.25%, while Chase's interest-bearing checking accounts offer just 0.01% APY.

What bureau does Alliant pull from? ›

The Alliant Credit Union Visa Signature card mainly uses the TransUnion credit bureau for approval. But this doesn't mean it can't pull your report from the other major credit bureaus Experian and Equifax.

Is Visa signature higher than Platinum? ›

The Visa Platinum is the second tier of the four Visa credit card types. It's better than a Visa Classic but less luxurious than a Visa Signature or Visa Infinite. Most Visa Platinum cards require a credit score in the 600s. You might be able to qualify for some with a score in the very high 500s.

Is Visa signature better than Visa credit? ›

When you compare Visa vs. Visa Signature, the biggest difference is that Visa Signature cards have more benefits. All Visa credit cards come with benefits such as rental car insurance, roadside dispatch and emergency card replacement.

What is better than Visa signature? ›

Visa Infinite is the highest level of Visa-branded credit cards, above Visa Signature and Visa Traditional. There are only a few Visa Infinite cards in the U.S., as they're typically only the most high-end credit cards offering the best benefits of any card on the Visa network.

Which U.S. Bank credit card is easiest? ›

You need a credit score of at least 700 to get most U.S. Bank credit cards, but the actual credit score requirements vary by card. One of the easiest U.S. Bank credit cards to get is the U.S. Bank Secured Visa® Card, which accepts applicants with bad credit and has a $0 annual fee.

What are the benefits of a Visa signature card? ›

Visa Signature benefits include the following:
  • Extended warranty protection.
  • Travel and emergency assistance.
  • Year-end spending summary.
  • Visa Signature concierge.
  • Roadside assistance (T).
  • Auto rental collision damage waiver (T).
  • Zero fraud liability (T).
Oct 18, 2021

How rare are signature cards? ›

Signature is a special quality of cards, rarer than golden cards but more common than diamond cards. Signature cards can be of any rarity, and card sets starting with March of the Lich King usually feature multiple signature cards.

What is the credit limit for 50000 salary? ›

What will be my credit limit for a salary of ₹50,000? Typically, your credit limit is 2 or 3 times of your current salary. So, if your salary is ₹50,000, you can expect your credit limit to be anywhere between ₹1 lakh and ₹1.5 lakh.

What is different about Visa signature Card? ›

In addition to the benefits of “Visa Traditional”, Visa Signature credit cards provide extended warranties, a detailed year-end summary, and travel assistance services. Visa Signature cards offer more benefits than standard Visa cards because they are intended for customers with better credit and higher income.

Which bank gives Visa signature Card? ›

With the IndusInd Bank Signature Credit Card, you can enjoy the best-in-class privileges in travel, lifestyle, dining, golf, and more.

What is the credit limit for Capital One signature Card? ›

It also provides a reasonable interest rate and a good rewards rate. As a Visa Signature rewards card, you can expect a minimum credit limit of $5,000. However, customers report limits as high as $50,000, coupled with an accommodating attitude toward credit line increases.

What is the lowest credit card limit you can get? ›

Your first credit limit may be as low as $100 if your first credit card is from a retail store, but you might be approved for a slightly larger credit limit up to $500 if your first credit card is issued by a bank or credit card company.

How much can you get approved for credit card? ›

A CareCredit card has a maximum credit limit of $25,000. For charges of $200 or more, CareCredit offers "no-interest" promotional periods of six, 12, 18 and 24 months, depending on the provider.

How do I increase my credit limit on Alliant? ›

Please contact us at 800-328-1935 and we'll connect you to the appropriate Alliant Representative to discuss increasing your credit card limit.

Is 8000 a good credit card limit? ›

If you have good credit, you should have high odds of getting approved for a credit limit around $5,000. With excellent credit, you may get a limit of more than $10,000. A high credit limit is good because using up most or all of your credit card's limit is bad for your credit standing.

What is Alliant minimum balance? ›

Here are some pros and cons to consider when banking with Alliant Credit Union. No fees on checking accounts. There are no monthly service fees on Alliant checking accounts. No minimum balance required.

Does Alliant Credit Union do hard pull? ›

Does Alliant do a hard credit check for checking account applicants? No. When reviewing applications, Alliant conducts a “soft credit check,” which won't affect your credit or credit score.

Who is the number 1 bank in America? ›

JPMorgan Chase

Does Alliant work with bad credit? ›

Credit Score Requirements

You'll generally need a credit score of at least 640 to qualify for a personal loan with Alliant, making it a great option for prospective borrowers with limited credit.

Is Alliant reputable? ›

According to College Factual's 2023 analysis, Alliant is ranked #406 out of 2,241 schools in the nation that were analyzed for overall quality. Alliant also holds the #56 spot on the Best Colleges in California ranking.

How do you get approved for Alliant? ›

You are eligible to join Alliant if you:
  1. Are a current or retired employee from one of the many businesses and organizations Alliant partners with in the U.S.
  2. Are a domestic partner or immediate family member of a current Alliant member.
  3. Live or work in one of the communities near our Corporate Headquarters in Chicago.

How many people use Alliant? ›

Alliant Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative with more than 760,000 members and more than $18 billion in assets.

Does Visa Signature have lounge access? ›

Airport Lounge Access

As a Visa Signature cardholder, you are eligible to receive 6 complimentary visits per year and 1 free guest per visit through LoungeKey.

Is Visa platinum hard to get? ›

People with good credit or better have the highest approval odds. It might be possible to get the U.S. Bank Platinum Visa Card with a lower score, especially if you have a lot of income and relatively little debt. But we recommend that applicants have a credit score of 700 or higher.

Why Mastercard is better than Visa? ›

While they share similarities, Mastercard's World and World Elite levels provide additional luxury incentives. Mastercard offers insurance, ID theft protection, mobile device protection, global emergency services, concierge services, access to luxury resorts, and exclusive event deals.

Is Visa Signature a premium card? ›

Visa Signature Credit Card

This is a premium Visa credit card. This credit card has features like: These cards are globally accepted. You get excellent all-day customer support from Visa.

Can I use my Visa Signature card anywhere? ›

This means you can use it anywhere in the U.S. and in over 150 countries worldwide. Unlike store cards that are tied to use at a specific retailer, a Visa card connected to Amazon is a regular credit card in many ways.

How much is Visa signature fee? ›

Cardholders will not have to pay an annual fee for the first year, and after that, it is $95 annually.

Can you upgrade to Visa Signature? ›

Everyone who is approved for the Upgrade card will receive a Visa Signature version of the card which comes with the following perks: Roadside Assistance: Access to pay-per-use roadside dispatch services 24-7. Concierge: The Visa concierge can help with travel planning, entertainment tickets, reservations and more.

Is Visa Signature accepted internationally? ›

Visa Signature Credit and Visa Signature Debit cards give you globally accepted payment, as well as the benefits & flexibility you need.

What is the highest credit limit for Chase Sapphire? ›

Highest “Points” Credit Limit: $500,000

The cards with the highest overall credit limits, Chase Sapphire Reserve® and Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, are points cards, so they win this category as well.

Which U.S. Bank credit card has the highest limit? ›

U.S. Bank credit limits are $300 at a minimum, depending on the card. The U.S. Bank credit card with the highest starting credit limit is the U.S. Bank Secured Visa® Card, which has a maximum credit limit of $5,000, depending on the deposit amount.

Which credit card is most used in USA? ›

Most Common Types of Credit Cards

Of the four main types of credit cards—Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover—Visa is by far the most common, making up 52.8% of cards in circulation.

What is the most widely accepted credit card company? ›

Visa and Mastercard are by far the most widely accepted cards, with Discover slightly behind those brands and American Express in a distant fourth place. Any retailer that accepts card payments likely takes Visa and Mastercard.

Is Visa signature hard to get? ›

The qualifications needed to obtain a Visa Signature card vary depending on the financial institution that issues the card. But per Visa, in some cases you may need good or excellent credit to obtain a Visa Signature card.

Who keeps the signature card? ›

Financial institutions use signature cards to verify their customers' signatures. When a customer opens an account, their bank keeps the signature card on file and uses it to check the validity of the customer's signature on checks and other documents.

How do I know if my Visa card is a Visa signature? ›

Another way to find out if you have a Visa Signature is by simply looking at it. Most cards have the “Visa Signature” label located somewhere on the physical card. This includes one of the most common Visa Signature cards, the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card (it's on the back, in case you were wondering).

Do banks still use signature cards? ›

Every transaction between a financial institution and a customer—from depositing a check to applying for a home loan to one company acquiring another—relies on one document: the signature card. Without this simple but crucial document, all parties to any financial transaction would be at greater risk of fraud.

Are signature cards actually signed? ›

So, simply, Topps certified autograph cards are “real,” meaning that the autograph displayed is from the player Topps is showcasing and/or saying it's from.

How do signature cards work? ›

Signature cards usually provide general information like the account number and type (checking or savings), as well as each signer's personal information — name, birth date, social security number, and address. All signers are required to sign their full legal name.

What credit bureau does Alliant check? ›

Editorial and user-generated content is not provided, reviewed or endorsed by any company. The Alliant Credit Union Visa Signature card mainly uses the TransUnion credit bureau for approval.

Can I get a credit card with 545 credit score? ›

There is no minimum credit score needed for a credit card. Some credit card companies don't even check applicants' credit history, so it's certainly possible to get a credit card even if you have a very low credit score or no credit score at all.

What is the easiest credit card to get with a 570 credit score? ›

Popular Credit Cards for a 570 Credit Score
  • No Annual Fee: Capital One Quicksilver Secured Cash Rewards Credit Card.
  • Unsecured: Credit One Bank® Platinum Visa® for Rebuilding Credit.
  • No Credit Check: OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card.
  • Cash Back: U.S. Bank Cash+® Visa® Secured Card.
Apr 5, 2023

Does Alliant require proof of income? ›

Gather your documents: You'll need to provide documentation such as proof of income, proof of homeownership, and a credit report.

What is the MD limit for Alliant Credit Union? ›

Alliant's Mobile deposit daily limit is $100,000. Alliant's ATM deposit daily limit is $20,000.

Does Alliant Credit Union do a hard inquiry? ›

Alliant will do a hard credit check when you apply, so your credit score could temporarily dip. Make a plan to repay the loan.

Where does Alliant Credit Union pull credit from? ›

What credit bureau does Alliant use during the loan approval process? The majority of Alliant's loan applications are processed using credit reports from Transunion, but any of the three major credit bureaus may be used to process your loan application.

Which card is easiest to get approved for? ›

  • OpenSky® Plus Secured Visa® Credit Card.
  • Chime Credit Builder Visa® Credit Card.
  • Petal® 2 "Cash Back, No Fees" Visa® Credit Card.
  • Mission Lane Visa® Credit Card.
  • Discover it® Student chrome.
  • Self Visa® Secured Card.
  • Grow Credit Mastercard.
  • Secured credit cards.
May 31, 2023

What is the easiest card to get with bad credit? ›

Best Credit Cards For Bad Credit
  • Navy FCU nRewards® Secured Credit Card * [ jump to details ] ...
  • Tomo Credit Card * [ jump to details ] ...
  • OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card. ...
  • Discover it® Secured Credit Card. ...
  • Credit One Bank® Platinum Visa® for Rebuilding Credit * ...
  • Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards Secured Credit Card *
May 30, 2023

What credit card can I get with a 550 to 600 credit score? ›

Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card

The is an excellent secured credit card for people with 550-600 credit scores largely because of its low minimum opening security deposit. A $49 security deposit will instantly grant a $200 credit line.

Can I get a Walmart credit card with a 520 credit score? ›

The Walmart Credit Card credit score requirement is 640 or higher, which means people with fair credit or better have a shot at getting approved for this card. The Walmart® Store Card also requires at least fair credit for approval.

What credit card can I get with a 512 score? ›

Popular Credit Cards for a 512 Credit Score
  • Best Overall: Discover it® Secured Credit Card.
  • No Credit Check: OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card.
  • Unsecured: Credit One Bank® Platinum Visa® for Rebuilding Credit.
  • Rewards & No Annual Fee: Capital One Quicksilver Secured Cash Rewards Credit Card.

Which credit card usually gives the highest credit limit? ›

Highest “Overall” Credit Limit: $500,000

The winners of the nosebleed award for the highest credit limit among cards for mere mortals are these twins: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and Chase Sapphire Reserve®, with annual fees in the mid-triple digits and high-double digits, respectively.


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