Schwinn IC2 vs IC3: Which is better? - Full comparison and review (2023)

In this day and age, the exercise bike is practically a concrete staple in almost every respectableHome gym setup.

There are mainly two types of bicycleselliptical bikes and stationary bikes. And there are big, well-known names when it comes to building these bikes. we havePeloton, Nordictrack, Echelon, Schwinn and others.

Which bike did I end up riding?

I ended up going withthe IC3as it is a few steps aheadthe IC2and even if it wasn't, I'd pick it based on comfort alone. I tested both bikes personally and foundthe IC3to be much more comfortable to drive and I had more satisfaction in the strokes of the pedal.

I don't know if this makes sense, but when you ride a lot like I do, satisfaction becomes a big factor. i ridemy IC3with Peloton and Zwift for several hours a day and I want my bike to give me the best possible experience.

You can check itlatest price and reviewsof Schwinn IC3 byby clicking here. It is also available on amazon where you can read customer reviews as well. Check it outhere

Today we choose betweenthe Schwinn IC2andIC3, really popular options that appear when choosing a stationary bike.

At first glance, both bikes may seem pretty well placed against each other, but there are a few key differences that can help us pinpoint a clear winner.

Today, I will give you a quick overview of what both bikes have to offer and cover some of the differences, advantages and small details that will help you make the best decision when choosing between them to pick the best one. affordable exercise bike for yourself.

Let's dive right in!

How different are both exercise bikes?

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Before we go and come closethe IC2andthe IC3, let's get a quick rundown on the key similarities and differences between these two exercise bikes.

Schwinn has always been known for building great bikes overall. either these bikes wereoutdoor elliptical bikesor regular outdoor bikes (ask me I had TheGTX3for years and I love it) or their range of IC (indoor cycling) bikes certainly boasts a solid reputation in the affordable and high-end categories.

From their amazing functionality to their reliability and durability backed by a relatively comprehensive warranty policy - both IC2 and IC3 are considered by many fitness enthusiasts as a practical and affordable option to decorate your home gym .

However, while both models may seem incredibly similar to each other, they actually have their fair share of differences, making each model slightly geared towards a different demographic.

There are 5 key things to keep in mind when comparing these bikes:

Comparison of Resistance Levels

Both exercise bikes have comparable levels of resistance and use the same tread arrangement, which may require a bit more maintenance than the average exercise bike. The build quality is also excellent on both bikes which makes them ideal for heavy users and also makes themgreat bikes for tall people.

Steering wheel comparison

Schwinn IC2 vs IC3: Which is better? - Full comparison and review (2)

Each of the models uses a fixed perimeter weighting arrangement for the flywheel - however, the IC3 has a slightly heavier flywheel, which adds more realism to the feel and provides an overall smoother ride.

Display and display information

Schwinn IC2 vs IC3: Which is better? - Full comparison and review (3)

Boththe bikes come with a screen. The LCD display consoles on both bikes are practically the same, but the IC3's display offers a bit more data, while also incorporating connectivity features with some wireless heart rate monitors. It also goes without saying that this makes thembikes perfect for apps like Zwift


The IC3 offers more creature comforts, including a spacious media tray, more adjustment options for the grips and seat, and proper Shimano pedals with a foot cage and clip.

Warranty comparison

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See IC2 Design

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Compared to the IC2, the IC3 offers slightly better warranty terms with an extra year of warranty on mechanical and electrical components, as well as a year of labor warranty instead of the previous model's 90 days.

Overall, both the IC2 and IC3 have excellent reputations and offer a relatively comparable feature set, with some great improvements and impressive extras available to users with the later model.

So, now that we have a better feel for the main similarities and differences between the IC2 and IC3, let's familiarize ourselves with what each bike brings to the table.

A quick overview of itThe Schwinn IC2

Schwinn IC2 vs IC3: Which is better? - Full comparison and review (6)

First and foremost, let's cover IC2. Starting with a solid steel frame and a healthy package of creature comforts alongside the standard range of premium features you'd see on most bikes of this caliber, the IC2 sweetens the deal by offering some cool extras.

Some of the highlights include adjustable handlebars, smoothly variable resistance, and a smart console that helps you track your fitness progress.

Out of the box, the bike comes pre-assembled with the handlebars and seat installed before shipping. Additionally, Schwinn has really thought ahead by working in some adjustable feet to help keep your bike stable, no matter how recessed or wobbly your floor might be.

The ride itself is quiet, efficient and smooth thanks to the wool pad resistance setup combined with a well designed 31lb flywheel. However, this brings up our first two "cons".

For the former, the flywheel can feel a touch too light at higher spin speeds.

On the other hand, for the latter, the wool pads that create the resistance on this bike definitely wear out over time - meaning you'll need to replace them every now and then to keep the bike running smoothly.

How does itThe IC3Improvement with IC2?

Schwinn IC2 vs IC3: Which is better? - Full comparison and review (7)

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It's no secret that IC3 isseen by manyas a fairly successful iteration on the awesome base that Schwinn's IC2 exercise bike boasts.

While many of the core features have remained the same, there are many improvements that make the IC3 a great bike - one that is definitely worth every penny of its fairly affordable price.

First and foremost, the IC3 improves on the familiar 31lb flywheel system, bringing its weight to a solid 40lbs.

This helps to make the bike feel much more realistic and actually makes the whole experience relatively comparable to riding a real road bike at most speeds and resistance levels, this is great for many reasons but mostly it makes it bettercardio training machine.

Additionally, Schwinn has added some great Shimano pedals that feature shoe cages and clips to keep your feet firmly in place during even the most intense cycling sessions.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that the adjustable grips on the IC3 have a few more grip positions than you'll find on the IC2, while also giving you the ability to adjust them horizontally, something the IC2 also lacks.

Now, let's talk about the console!

While there might not be a huge trove of changes at first glance, the IC3 does finally feature a media tray, which was a big red herring on the IC2 for many of the casual folks who use these kinds of creature comforts.

Additionally, Schwinn added some cool compatibility features to let you connect your IC3 bike to wireless heart rate monitors like the Polar line.

And of course, it's also important to mention the fact that while IC2's console only reads one selected parameter at a time, IC3 allows you to take multiple readings at once - some examples of these would be RPM (revolutions per minute), heart rate pace, speed, resistance level, distance, elapsed time and calories burned during your workout.

Finally, in the convenience and usability department, the Schwinn IC3 also boasts a marginally higher maximum weight rating than its predecessor. This exercise bike is rated for a user weight of up to 300 pounds, compared to the IC2's 250 pounds, making the newer IC3 a little better suited for a much wider range of users.

What's missing from the Schwinn IC3?

Now that we've covered some of the biggest changes you should keep in mind - what are the biggest downsides you'll see with the IC3?

Well, for starters, Schwinn decided to keep the good old pad resistance setup for this iteration in their line of exercise bikes. And while there aren't any major downsides to the system, it definitely requires a little extra maintenance to keep your bike running smoothly and in tip-top shape.

In terms of maintenance, many users have reported having to use some form of lube to keep the pads from squeaking (which takes away from the whole "quiet exercise bike" idea).

And obviously, you'll need to replace the wool pads themselves as they wear out - otherwise, the resistance you'll see during your workout will be next to nothing.

Aside from that, it's also kind of disappointing to see that the Schwinn IC3 doesn't actually have any sort of smart device compatibility or pre-programmed workouts you can follow.

And if you're a fan of constantly tracking your workout progress, you'll probably need to keep track of things manually, because the IC3 doesn't record your past data, nor does it offer any sort of comparison or progress-tracking features on the console it ships with.

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Overall, as with most good things - the bike definitely has some downsides. But while you may be missing out on some creature comforts or minimal comfort features, given this bike's awesome price-to-value ratio, you're actually getting a lot of bang for your buck compared to other popular models in the same price range.

The Bottom Line - Which Bike Should You Get?

Schwinn IC2 vs IC3: Which is better? - Full comparison and review (8)

At the end of the day, both of these options are absolutely fantastic. They are extremely compact, highly functional and are both relatively affordable.

IC3 is a pretty clear winner though.

Schwinn IC2 vs IC3: Which is better? - Full comparison and review (9)

You get a slightly heavier flywheel, a significantly stronger overall build, some sexy aesthetic improvements, functional heart telemetry, an improved LCD display console, and a nice assortment of additional creature comforts over the IC2.

Given the relatively small price difference (about $150) between the two models, you really get a lot of upgrade value for your money with the newer model. And in my experience, the upgrades definitely help take the experience to a whole new level, making them totally worth it in the long run.

With these upgrades, the new model might even be viablealternative to more expensive bikes like the Pelotonfor example.

That said, if the upgrades we've covered so far don't particularly appeal to you, the Schwinn IC2 is still a great (and very affordable) exercise bike to add to your collection of home exercise equipment, or even a great bike for to order for your fitness business.

Compared to IC2,the Schwinn IC3it caters to a somewhat more diverse crowd with its wealth of comfort and adaptability enhancements. However, on the other hand, if you're a fitness enthusiast on a budget - the IC2 might just be the perfect safe bet for you, as it doesn't trail that far behind the IC3 in terms of efficiency or usability.

However, you'll have to be willing to give up a smoother (and reportedly quieter) ride, more realistic road-bike-like feel, 4-way handlebar and seat adjustability, and proper pedals (which actually do the difference when you cycle regularly).

Closing Thoughts

So there you have it - a comprehensive overview of the differences, advantages and commonalities between themthe Schwinn IC2andIC3.

If you've been following along with me this far, we've covered the details to keep in mind when comparing the two options, what the IC3 has over its predecessor, and I've even given my personal recommendation on which bike wins - all in the hope that my extensive research and experience with both bikes will help you make the best choice for yourself.

With that, I wish you the best of luck and some solid gains on your fitness journey!

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